FFT3 AAR: Battle of Klinkerhoff Gap pt. 2

So we left it last week with the situation thus: Terry had unsuccessfully assaulted Klinkerhoff and losing just over a company’s worth of infantry and APC’s and Jamie had secured the crossroads with his armoured cars for a couple of losses whilst taking out a complete Austrian PanzerGrenadier company.

Polish starting positions
Polish starting positions

I actually won the initiative on this weeks first go but allowed the Poles to go first as I didn’t need to move owt and wanted them to trigger my overwatch fire where necessary. Over on the right Terry started to manoeuvre the remainder of his Mechanised Infantry Regiment to the right of the town whilst Jamie seemed to have thrown off his caution of last week and pushed his force forward with the armd cars pushing along the road and to the left of it – he also moved his remaining two tanks from the hedge line to the right of the crossroads up to the hedge line at the top of the square enclosure. This proved a costly decision as they ran smack into 2 platoons of Landwehr on the other side of the hedge and in the following close assault they suffered 1 ko and 1 QC failure – ouch! (those Miniman LAW’s again, they are a beast!). Jamie did get some payback as an AML took out one of the Landwehr during their fire phase, but still not a great return. Over on the right an AT gun opened fire and destroyed a Polish Fox platoon that Terry had sent scouting ahead.

Remains of Polish Tank Coy at end of turn 1.
Remains of Polish Tank Coy at end of turn 1.
Austrian ATG goes Fox hunting!
Austrian ATG goes Fox hunting!

The second turn saw some more Anti-Tank Guns pop into action as the Poles ground forward (I had won the initiative again but still allowed them 1st move). The left hand gun platoon scored a ko against another AML whilst the Bill ATGM armed platoon on the hill to the left took out another. Terry was still moving round the flank of the town whilst avoiding getting within MAW range. The brave hedge defenders took some 90mm fire from the AML’s and failed their QC which caused a morale check on the remaining platoon – they weren’t made of the same stuff as their kameraden however and promptly legged it, all that was between the Poles and the end of the valley now was a company of Anti-Tank guns, I really needed to roll up my Panzer Btln now.

More Fox hunting from the AT gunners, whilst an AML brews too.
More Fox hunting from the AT gunners, whilst an AML brews too.
The grand sneak!
The grand sneak!

I managed to hang onto the initiative (but didn’t manage to get enough pips to activate my reserves) and elected to go first, I needed to get some fire onto the Poles before they could call artillery on my ATG’s to supress them. I only managed to get rid of another AML with my left hand gun due to a QC, whilst my ATGM on the hill missed completely. Bugger! The Polish gunners then started to lay barrages on me – they got nearly all the artillery they could this go – supressing my guns and causing the PzrGren platoon on the hill to bug out (a 6 for a QC needed and they got it, then I failed – damned bad luck I say!).

Jamie did seem to become very wary of the hill over on the left as well as the thinness of the armour of his Armd Cars and moved them back up towards the crossroads and away from the ATG too. Over on the right Terry launched an Infantry company towards the ridge of the right hand hills and I let rip with my waiting Kurassier company – result, 2 destroyed Grizzly’s and 1 infantry platoon ko’d, however I suffered 1 platoon lost due to return fire from his Vickers tanks.

Jamie's cavalry scuttling off back to the crossroads.
Jamie’s cavalry scuttling off back to the crossroads.
The remains of the terry's infantry company after being hit by the SK-105's
The remains of the Terry’s infantry company after being hit by the SK-105’s

I won initiative again by 2 pips –  so now I had a decision to make, release the Panzer Btln waiting in Reserve or use it for a guaranteed Btlns worth of Artillery – I chose the latter. Why? Well to be brutally honest it would have ruined the game, 16 stands of M60a3’s turning up would’ve been game over for the Poles as they had failed to release their own Armoured reserve and it’d be like shooting fish in a barrel. So I laid smoke to prevent the Vickers from having another go at me and bugged out the remaining Kurassiers on the right flank. In the centre my left hand ATG had succumbed to AML fire (failed a QC) whilst my other 2 were kept supressed by Artillery. Jamie laid down smoke to mask the left hand hill and edged forward down the centre, whilst Terry made a move on the right hand ridge line just vacated by my tank destroyers with some infantry and his mighty Ferret/Swingfire whilst positioning himself for another assault on Klinkerhoff.

The mighty Ferret/Swingfire moves up towards 'Kurassier Ridge'
The mighty Ferret/Swingfire moves up towards ‘Kurassier Ridge’
Kurassier ridge with Polish infantry moving up.
Kurassier ridge with Polish infantry moving up.
Poles get ready for 2nd assault on Klinkerhoff.
Poles get ready for 2nd assault on Klinkerhoff.

The next move didn’t have much going on, I won the initiative again and let the Poles go first as there wasn’t much I needed to do and I felt sort of ‘safe’ doing so – more artillery fell on my ATG’s one being surpressed with the other being knocked out, whilst Jamie edged forwards. However his smoke had only partially obscured the view of the Kurassier company on the left hill and they opened up in overwatch fire, knocking out another AML. Terry started to systematically target the infantry trapped in Klinkerhoff with both Artillery and direct fire from the Tanks, which caused suppression. I decided then that I’d call the game informing my opponents that I had already withdrawn the infantry from the left hand hill, and was willing to sacrifice the plucky defenders of Klinkerhoff – their CO was under instructions to either sell themselves dearly or chuck it in and ‘hande hoch’ if they wanted to!

Although my Kurassiers would’ve made minced meat of their Armd Cars they would have been very vulnerable once Terry had his Swingfire ready on the hill he’d just taken (plus he still had 3 tank stands left), also if they had gotten to activate their reserve it’d be no contest so I reckoned I’d given them a bloody enough nose why not pull back with what I had remaining and maybe come back in a counter attack……….?

The guys said that they enjoyed the game, as Terry said it made a nice change to not have tons of tanks either side (although we do love those sorts of bashes!) and that it was a good tactical challenge which is what I was aiming for so that pleased me no end. I learned a lot about putting on a game and know how I would change a few things if I was to do it again, also I was quietly chuffed when a few guys at the club commented on how much they liked the KO markers I made, and wanted to know how I did them – which was nice!

I hope you enjoyed the write up too, please leave a comment if you have any suggestions to improve them or hit the like button! Lastly a few photo’s of the table at the end.

Cavalry burning!
Austrian ATG on the receiving end!
Polish armoured cars light the way.
Polish armoured cars light the way.



FFT3 AAR: Battle of Klinkerhoff Gap, part 1.

This is a battle from my Alt-History set-up.

A Polish force is tasked with moving along a broad valley to initiate a breakthrough of the Austrian lines. Intelligence on the Austrian forces is, however, very sketchy as the situation has been fluid for a few days but it is believed that there are around 2 Btlns of infantry in the vicinity with maybe some armoured support. To facilitate this the Polish commander has the following forces: a Divisional Armoured Cavarly Regt, a Mechanised Infantry Regt (Wheeled) and an Armoured Btln from the Independent Armd Bgde supported by quite a fair bit of Artillery.

Here’s the terrain looking up the valley from the Austrian lines:

The Klinkerhoff Gap. Low wooded hills on the left and right overlooking farmland. Town of Klinkerhoff to the right.
The Klinkerhoff Gap. Low wooded hills on the left and right overlooking farmland. Town of Klinkerhoff to the right.
The Polish end of the valley. Klinkerhoff is on the right.
The Polish end of the valley. Klinkerhoff is on the right.
Austrian end of the valley.
Austrian end of the valley.

I took the Austrians with Jamie taking the Cavalry Regt and Terry the Mech Infantry. We are trying out my house rules for initiative and to activate units for a bit of friction, (I’ll put them in another post).

Jamie’s Cavalry Regt was first on the table and started off (unusually for him) cautiously moving along the road towards the crossroads with his lead company with the rest of the Regt spread out behind it. He did roll up a preliminary barrage from their Corp 203mm art btln which he chose to split into 3 battery strikes; he guessed correctly where my first line of defence was (along the hedges to the left of the crossroads), suppressing one of my one of my defending platoons but also his Fox scout pltn (he rolled a SNAFU for one of them).

The Cavalry moves up.
The Cavalry moves up.

Move 2 saw Terry start to bring on the Mech Infantry Regt through the hilly area to the right with the intention of developing an attack on Klinkerhoff. Over on the left Jamie had pushed the Cavalry forward after putting down smoke from their MRLS on the crossroads but was still moving cautiously. They didn’t have much luck with the rest of their Artillery though, failing to get any available batteries.

Move 3 saw the Poles gain another unit activation during the initiative phase which they gave to Terry’s infantry. They laid smoke across the front of the town and as Terry passed his activations, and so had a double move, he rushed up a couple of Companies towards Klinkerhoff under its cover. Over on the left my ‘forlorn hope’ defenders at the crossroads opened up on the cavalry with the platoon containing the Bill atgm firing on a AML-90 and missing.

Polish infantry rush towards Klinkerhoff under cover of smoke.
Polish infantry rush towards Klinkerhoff under cover of smoke.
Close up of the brave Mech Infantry charge.
Close up of the brave Mech Infantry charge.

Although the Poles won the initiative for the next move they had a nightmare with the dice, both failing to activate their units and failing miserably with their artillery requests too. Unfortunately I again failed to hit anything with my Bill atgm and I had equally rubbish artillery rolls but I did manage to let loose with my ATG that was located in the town once the smoke lifted, causing a quality check on one platoon before it was taken out by Terry’s supporting tanks.

Terry's tankers about to silence Austrian ATG.
Terry’s tankers about to silence Austrian ATG.

The next move everything got a lot more interesting with Jamie’s Fox Pltn laying down the hurt on my infantry and his AML-90’s taking out an APC, however the Austrian Bill chaps finally got their act together and brewed up an AML-90 in return whilst Terry started his initial assault on Klinkerhoff with an artillery barrage on the defended part of the town which only managed a suppression on one platoon. He debussed the infantry and came across the road and into a Close Assault on the right hand part of the town, unfortunately (and much to my surprise if I’m honest) the Landwehr company defending it managed to see them off without any loss to themselves at all. either destroying or QC’ing nearly a whole company of Poles and their APC’s – Miniman LAW’s are the way to go!

The Austrian ATGM finally get a hit on the Polish Cavalry!
The Austrian ATGM finally get a hit on the Polish Cavalry!

With the Poles still retaining initiative they ground forward, Jamie pushing his Cavalry up with more confidence but still not closing up too far, seeing the Cavalry’s Vickers mk.3 tanks come into view at last the Austrian Bill platoon fired and brewed one up before they and the remainder of the company decided to bug out (I did try to do this the previous move but failed my activation) embarking in their APC’s and legging it down the valley. Over at Klinkerhoff Terry prepared to assault the left hand part of town whilst pulling out the remainder of his first assault.

One of these Vickers is about to have a bad day!
One of these Vickers is about to have a bad day!

The next move was the last we had time for and was the bloodiest turn all night. Jamie finally got his mojo back (I think I had upset him by taking out a tank) and he pushed forward to take the crossroads whilst destroying all of my escaping APC’s – I had failed to scare up any artillery for a smoke barrage to cover this move. Bugger. Over at Klinkerhoff the plucky Poles piled forwards again and were bloodily repulsed once more – Terry having as much luck as me with his artillery.

Polish Cavalry in possession of the Crossroads
Polish Cavalry in possession of the Crossroads
The Polish Infantry Regt's reserve
The Polish Infantry Regt’s reserve
The situation at Klinkerhoff with the Poles in possession of one part.
The situation at Klinkerhoff with the Poles in possession of one part.

We have agreed to carry on the fight next week, we really didn’t get through as many turns as we expected as it has been a good few weeks since we had all played the rules so took a few turns to get into the groove again.

I was quietly pleased with how the scenario is going as it is the first time that I had put a game on at the club and the chaps seem to be enjoying it and they liked my Initiative and activation rules so looking forward to next week now to finish it off.

One for the Future?

Me and the good lady went round to visit a good friend the other day who is convalescing at home after a serious operation (she took some flowers, I took a big bottle of Lucazade – old school.). When we entered his front room there was a sight that immediately warmed the cockles of my heart, laid out on their coffee table was a vision straight from my childhood – a box of British Commando’s and a box of American Paratroopers supported by a Centurion, a Patton, a SP Gun with a DUKW and Landing craft are trying to take on a box of German Infantry who were defending a Coastal Defence Fort (the Gun Emplacement wasn’t ‘on-table’ but had definitely been thought about as it was on the floor) – all Airfix of course.

My mate, Gaz, quickly stated that it wasn’t him playing with them by himself but his eldest lad, Sid, had done it. The missus then promptly said that it wouldn’t be a problem if he was playing with them as ‘you should see what he does’ pointing to me. Really though it was the embodiment of most an early wargamer’s ‘career’, even more so when Gaz told us that it had taken Sid nearly 2 hours the night before to set up and he was under strict instructions not to move anything until he got back from school. He really had thought about the set up too, all figures with the same poses were grouped together and some even had the obvious NCO figures in charge of them. Now if that lad is not a future wargamer I don’t know who is – Sid I salute you!

It was the first time that I had seen the German set in years and I had forgotten that it had my favourite all time Airfix sculpt in it until I saw it again – NCO on one knee with MP40 waving someone forward, might have to get a box!

A few pics – I did take a few more but they didn’t come out well.

Moving to support the gun
Moving to support the gun
Objective: Festung Couchtisch. Notice flanking unit with NCO!


The allied assault takes shape
The allied assault takes shape
The other flank.
The other flank.
I think the Centurion is about to rung! (I'll get me coat)
I think the Centurion is about to rung!
(I’ll get me coat)
Great fields of fire there Young Sid.
Great fields of fire there Young Sid.

Austrian Panzer Grenadier Bgde

Here is the first unit that I have done for FFT3 and my Moderns project (OK not completely finished, but its on the desk – honest!).

Why Austrian? I’m not sure but I’ve always liked the more obscure armies and when I visited the H&R stall at Salute this year I saw that they had released the 4K-4FA and the SK-105 so just thought, why not and you have to start somewhere.

It is a PanzerGrenadier Bgde, modelled on the early 90’s TO&E, (all TO&E’s in this project will be gleaned from MicroMark’s fantastic series available at Wargames Vault) and all vehicles are H&R. I’ve gone for the early 90’s version to give them ATGM as they weren’t allowed them during the Cold War due to Treaty restrictions but they can easily be used for the 80’s by just changing the infantry bases and dropping an APC stand per company – really need to add another PzGren Btln but I’ve managed to get them on the table a couple of times to fight Cold War scenario’s and they have done well both times, it is actually a nice balanced force.

So in FFT3 terms it has:

PzrGren Bgde

  • HQ
    • 1 Cmnd 4k-fu
    • 1 M60a3
    • 1 M88 arv
  • SP Art Btln
    • 1 4k-fu FOO team
    • 3 M109a5
  • Recon Coy
    • 2 recon teams (ar, Pzf-3)
    • 2 Jeep/hmg (will be Pandur when model available!)
  • AD Coy
    • 3 Mistral manpad teams
    • 3 4k-4f-G1

Pzr Grenadier Btln

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd 4k-4FA-G2
    • 2 4k-FA-Gw81 sp 81mmM
  • 4 Coys
    • 3 4k-4FA-G1 (12.7)
    • 1 4k-4FA-G2 (20mm)
    • 3 PG (4 AR, 4 lmg, 4 Pzf-3)
    • 1 PG ATGM (3 AR, 3 Pzf-3, 3 Bill atgm)
  • PzrJgr Coy
    • 3 Sk-105

Panzer Btln

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 M60a3
  • 4 Coys
    • 3 M60a3

So here’s the big picture – Panzer Btln on the left, PanzerGrenadiers in the middle and Bgde HQ on the right.


The Panzer Btln – These lads have quite a few tanks knocking around in Coy and Btln HQ’s so I’ve given them 2 stands in the HQ coy to reflect this rather than include them in the platoons. EDIT – now changed this to 1 command tank due to realising a mistake!


The PzGren Btln  – Again the 4k-4f APC is a nice model and a great release from H&R as they are used by quite a few armies round the world. I need to do a Btln Cmnd stand which is on the desk and waiting for a new base to turn up from Warbases. With their SP 81mmM and Sk105 Kurassiers in the support Coy they have a nice level of support. I went with 4 stands per company as the platoons are really large and it allows the ATGM to be put into one stand – I figured it works ok. By the way, the BILL ATGM the Austrians use is a great bit of kit – as it is a top attack missile it attacks the side armour in FFT3 which makes it quite a potent weapon, and a nasty surprise to ones opponents!


Bgde HQ – At the moment: only the M60a3 stand, with 2 attached M42 Duster for AD and a PzrJager Coy from Corp HQ. I’m just finishing this off, waiting on a few bits from H&R for the Recon coy (Jeeps) and need to finish painting the Artillery Btln and the Bgde Manpad Coy. I’ll be doing an attached Engineer Coy too.

One of the good things about this unit is that it can split into 2 balanced combat teams, and even without the ATGM they have quite a good AT punch – the infantry also have good close in AT capability too with their Pzf-3’s.

I’m just waiting for a delivery to arrive to start on an attached Landwehr Battalion – complete with 85mm ATG’s – which will be grown into a Brigade and hope that someone makes a Pandur soon so that I can get started on a Jager Bgde and upgrade the Recon companies.


And some close up shots……….

20150916_123425 20150916_123419

20150916_123406 20150916_123358

20150916_123349 20150916_123341

20150916_123329 20150916_123318

20150916_123307 20150916_123301

20150916_122408 20150916_122342

Brewing Up / Workbench no.2

So here’s what I’m working on now.

I made these KO markers yesterday for our FFT3 games, I was inspired by Philip’s ones in the game on Monday night and think they look a whole lot better than our usual ‘chuck a bit of cotton wool on the barrel’ approach. They were a piece of the proverbial, took about 15 minutes to do tops – rip up old bit of sponge from pan scourer to requisite shape, super glue to 10mm MDF square, whack some paint on, yer mum’s brother is called Robert. Really happy in how they’ve turned out.

20150916_123818 20150916_123927 20150916_123937

Based up some APC’s and infantry for my Modern project which I’m about to undercoat whilst finishing off last bits for the Austrians.


Just to show that I do do other stuff – here’s some Napoleonic types which have been lurking around for a while now and which I really need to get finished. More on these in a week or two.


Oh and my new paint rack from Warbases, how did I manage before I got this? My missus loves it too, she likes the way the colours are arranged (she is an artist so is a wee bit strange!).


Sword and Spear day……

Last week I was invited round fellow SLW member Mike’s house for a game of Sword and Spear. This ruleset has really taken off down at the club and I was only mildly interested as I’ve never been into Ancients at all but Mike had asked me a month or so ago if I wanted a game and I agreed, especially as we would be playing at his place using his table, terrain and troops so who was I to argue!

So I went round and we played a great game with ‘my’ Carthaginian army being narrowly beaten by his Romans and I really enjoyed it – if you get a chance have a go at the rules: they are nice and simple but with some subtle touches and a really simply clever, elegant activation mechanism which makes for an interesting game – so when he asked he at the club last Monday if I wanted another go I jumped at the chance.

This time I was given his lovely painted Britons and he took Romans again – we set up and got to it. Our terrain rolls hadn’t gone too well for me with Mike ensconced on a low ridge and me stuck on a wide open plain. My cunning plan was to move up the left with a ‘combined arms’ force to lever his right hand side cohort off the ridge to allow my main group of Warbands to develop an attack on the rest of the Legionnaires once they had moved to counter that threat. On my flanks I wanted my Chariots and Lt Horse to keep his cavalry/lights busy whilst hopefully braking into his flank and rear.

Needless to say, that plan didn’t go at all well. Mike managed to take out my Lt Horse on the left and his Auxillia with the Blue shields came off the hill and together they started to chew through my left flank group until I had nearly nothing left, then one of his right flank cohorts descended and finished off my Warband thus bringing me close to break point and threatening my main Warband group on the right. The only bright spot in this whole sorry episode was my Chariots ‘escaping forward’ and scaring the bejeezus out of his Legion on the hills as they went all the way round the back and causing them to start moving down onto the plain. On the other flank Mike’s Cavalry managed to hold up my Chariots nearly the whole game, trading blows all the while and putting on hits. Eventually my chariots routed them off and with the other ones about to hit the Legionairres still on the hill in the back and a chance that I might get to engage with my Warbands I thought that I might just be able to save the battle, however the gods were not with us and the follow up melee that the Chariots fought caused them to rout off thus ending the game.

First battle.

As this one was over quickly we decided to have another bash and I refused Mike’s offer to take the Romans as I thought that I could do better. We rolled up some new terrain and this time things went much better with the battlefield being very cluttered with woods, rough and hills – much to my advantage as it turned out. I deployed with most of my Warbands in the large wood facing the bulk of his Legionnaires whilst I loaded my right flank with my big hitting units – Chariots and Fanatics supported by light Horse and Cavalry. I quickly won the smaller wood and took the central hill with Horse and a Chariot unit. On the right I proceeded to clear up, destroying Mike’s force there quite quickly and ramping up the break points on him. He did manage to take out a couple of Warbands but my Chariots and Fanatics were running rampage and into his rear, with me soon forcing the win.

2nd battle overview
2nd battle overview

So two cracking games done and home before 6pm! I must say I really like these rules and am seriously thinking of getting together an army, must resist though too much to do with other projects!!

Here’s some more photo’s of the toys used for these battles. Hope you like them.20150909_140743 20150909_140737

20150909_135853 20150909_140710

20150909_140700 20150909_135955

20150909_135841 20150909_135942

Club Night 14/07/15

Setting: France 1940

Rules: Blitzkreig Commander

Scale: 10mm

Another game put on by Philip using his completely lovely 10mm early war French and German kit – mostly/all Pithead I believe.

Scenario: After a successful local breakthrough the glorious forces of France (spot which side I was on) was tasked with re-taking a town in the enemy’s rear to secure a road junction and also, if possible, to destroy a workshop that was nearby.

To carry this out we had:

1 Group consisting of a Char B1, a H35 and a Lorraine mounted Infantry coy.

1 Group consisting of a H39, a mounted Cavalry and a truck-borne infantry coy with a 75mm gun pltn.

1 Infantry Btln with a 25mm ATG and a coy of H-35’s in support.

There was also off table Artillery in the shape of a 75mm and 150mm battery.

The evil Hun had an Infantry Btln in the town, the workshop had a motley collection of kit being worked on which could spring back to life once the French got close this included an 88 plus a couple of other guns and other odds and sods. We had been warned that some Panzers were on the way to help out too.

Unfortunately I yet again forgot to take any photo’s until about a third of the way in so I’ll just post them up at the end of the write up as the kit on show was far too nice not to – I will get better at this, promise!!

Anyhow, the game seemed to start well for us, (even though the Bosche got lucky and activated the Panzers on the first go and they rolled onto the table) Warren took the Cavalry group down the right and began taking out the workshop – destroying an infantry gun and a 20mm Flak gun whilst brewing up nearly everything else with his H39’s. However, the 88 managed to relocate to the road from the town where it began setting up ready to take on the Char B’s which it failed to do spectacularly, only getting one shot off which did no damage and then succumbing to a full volley from the Char B1 company. The infantry were a bit reticent in crossing the bare arsed field in front of the town and I just couldn’t roll up the artillery to lay smoke for cover so they just moved up to the hedgerow and hunkered down.

Then things began swinging the German’s way. After taking out the 88 Philip declared his worry about taking on the Char B’s with his Panzers and started moving towards Warren’s Cavalry group over the wreckage of the workshop and kept going – Philip finally got the Panzers to carry on activating and he went (we had been lucky up to now with him failing on the 2nd attempt for the past couple of moves) on the rampage, taking out the H39’s and the 75. Meanwhile I started inching my Group over to assist Warren but the French’s low movement rates meant that I couldn’t get there in time to assist. With time running out and the Panzers looking threatening on the right we decided to charge forward to the town with the Infantry which promptly got chewed to pieces by the defending Germans – their Infantry Gun was particularly nasty – even with eventually getting some artillery support which just managed to suppress one or two bases.

The Infantry Regiment was now broken due to taking savage losses and the Cavalry group was reduced to some encircled Poilu’s hiding in a wood and with the town firmly in German hands and the Panzers about to clean up the rear arrears we decided to call the game with a clear German Victory.

All in all a most enjoyable game even though, apart from Philip, we were all new to the rules I particularly liked the activation mechanics, indeed I’ve been thinking on how it might be adapted to bolt on to FFT3, and look forward to having another bash. I think if we had a different initial disposition we might have made a better fist of it and not being able to call in the artillery for a few moves really was a pain in the derriere, but c’est la geurre!

Here’s the photo’s.

20150914_210752 20150914_210759

20150914_205450 20150914_205431

20150914_205518 20150914_205555

20150914_205613 20150914_205821

20150914_205847 20150914_205905

20150914_205934 20150914_205945

20150914_210000 20150914_210537

20150914_210029  20150914_210548

Club Night 07/07/15

I’m going to post pictures and a quick overview of the games I play at the South London Warlords on Monday nights, they won’t be detailed AAR’s to start with but that might change as we go along (hopefully).

First up was a great fun ‘Pony Wars’ game put on by Philip.

Rules were a homebrew set which were nice and easy to pick up with some nice character led touches to add nuance to the game.

Figures were 15mm – don’t know the maker I’m afraid.

The scenario was as follows.

I had to protect a group of women and children with travois as they slooowly moved towards a village. Also I had a band of ‘boys’ who were responsible for moving a herd of Ponies to the village as well. Stopping me doing this were 2 troops of Cavalry on table with a 3rd arriving randomly sometime during the game, and also entering the table at a random place. I also had 3 warbands of older braves, 1 of which was on table with the other two hidden in/behind terrain features ready to pounce when the Cavalry got close enough (again decided randomly by dice roll).

Things didn’t start well for me with my on-table warband failing to activate for 2 turns on the spin – due to their chief being classed as ‘Talkheaps’ so activation was harder, also rolling 1’s didn’t help! However the ‘boys’ turned on their pursuers and managed to slow them down whilst causing casualties. Luckily the Cavalry couldn’t catch ‘Talkheaps’ before he got his arse into gear and once he did the dice-spirits were extremely kind and the Longknives started losing men to some very deadly shooting (kept rolling 6’s which hurts a lot in these rules).

Things did look sticky for a bit when the Cav managed to score a few hits on me and the off table Troop showed up but the boys managed to wipe out the Troop that they were dealing with and the reinforcing troop got stiffed by one of my hidden warbands surging out of some broken ground. Talheaps was still taking chunks out of their opponents and pretty soon it was obvious that the Cav were in trouble plus the women and children had nearly made it to the village and so we called it.

The rules gave a good flowing game and Philip had devised a fun scenario which could have gone either way really. I’d love to play them again.

I had forgotten to take photo’s until a few moves in and I can’t remember what was happening when I did but the figures did look nice so a shame to waste them.

20150907_210138 20150907_210129

20150907_210115 20150907_210101

20150907_210044 20150907_210020

20150907_210005 20150907_204819

20150907_204804 20150907_204755