My ‘Modern’ Project

As I mentioned in my last post my Modern/Cold War forces are going to be a mix of real and alt-history kit.

Why? Well to be honest I’ve always found the Warsaw Pact quite boring – everyone’s got more or less the same kit and everyone has the same organisation which I just find tedious, even now the ex-members still have tons of Russian equipment so that puts the kibosh on building current forces. Also, when it comes down to it, all Cold War gaming is what-iffery ain’t it so what the hell, in for a penny and all that!

So I was having a think and I thought what-if the Warsaw Pact never was? The rationale being that Hitler never made it into power and hence WW2 never happened so now we have a Europe as it was in 1939 with the Soviet Union still a communist state. I’m still undecided on how to play it from here though – the other European countries are either united in a NATO-esque alliance to counter the USSR or they are in alliances with each other and play conflicts that might arise from there, or I could ‘re-do’ WW2 with modern kit?

So that’s the background sorted, how am I going to do the ‘new’ Eastern European armies?

I’m going to base them on a real country’s TO&E and their equipment mix with maybe a few tweaks here and there – this will allow me to model some of the less played modern forces whilst still enabling me to dabble in this alternative timeline and to field some lesser used equipment so, for example, I’ve decided on Romania having Morocco’s stuff as the organisation and equipment mix sort of ‘feels’ right (and means I get a Moroccan force made up too).

Rules used will be Fist Full of Tows 3 which are the standard rules at the club and allow Brigade sized actions, which is exactly the level I was after, and also allows units to be built quite quickly, also other club members already have ‘regular’ forces so it means that I don’t have to worry about not having any Germans, Brits, French etc. – if I can convince them to do a game with them!

5 thoughts on “My ‘Modern’ Project

  1. Great idea mate – very imaginative and, although I don’t find the Warsaw Pact the least bit boring myself, I can see this will present you with far more scenario possibilities and toys to play with!


    • Hello again Chris,

      Just had a look at your blog, which I am now following, now I see why you like my stuff!

      Just to let you know the Polish Armd Regt that didn’t get on are equipped with the Scotia Osario tank, proxy-ing for the Vickers Mk.7/indigenous Polish new MBT.

      Did you ever make stats for FFT3 for the Osario by the way – really dug your data cards, might have to nick that idea myself!

      All the best,



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