Pie, Mash and Lard

Well I’ve not been doing anything hobby wise for the past couple of months and have neglected this old thing again but just wanted to tell you about what we will be up to this coming Saturday from 9:30 am until the early evening.

We will be holding the (hopefully) inaugural SLW Lardy Day called ‘Pie, Mash and Lard’. For those that don’t know what this means, we will be putting on a few games from the Too Fat Lardies rules stable for anyone to come and have a go at. Also, you can chat to rules writers extraordinaire Rich Clarke and Dave Brown whilst you do it as they will be coming along too. The plan is to play a game in the morning and one in the afternoon followed by a few libations and maybe a pizza or curry too afterwards.

The line up for games is as follows:

Me and Dan will be hosting a late war US vs German Chain of Command,

Ian a 1940 set IABSM (lovely kit, seen here and on Vis Lardica too)

Mike and Martin will be presenting a Sharps Practice (sorry not sure on the details but will update when I know)

General d’Armee being put on by Del from the Loughton club

Dave Brown will be running a game of his new WW2 rules: O Group.

So if you are in town and with nowt on pop along, you can find us here:

St. Barnabas Parish Hall
Gilkes Place
Dulwich Village
SE21 7BT