Banned from The Miniatures Page

I managed to get myself locked out of TMP just before Christmas.

To be honest I’m not that sad, I can still look at the site when I want, I just can’t post there anymore – it will reduce the traffic here somewhat but I reckon that is a price worth paying.

I had started to find the behaviour of the odious toad that runs it was not to my liking: the man’s a misogynistic, trolling, egomaniacal, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, contrary turd. Indeed he does seem to be losing the plot somewhat these days as evidenced by his latest shenanigans over the sacking of the editors. He also has a Trumpian handle on the truth swearing blind in many posts that what everyone else knows to be the truth isn’t and his view is the only one that matters. I hope it costs him more of his supporting members and advertisers.

During a thread in which some people were stating their disgust over the continued allowing of racist language from some of the good ole boys on the site Armintrout obviously banned those who were protesting and after I sarcastically mentioned about his even handed approach to moderation I was banned too. Apparently it is OK to call for the death of people based on their religion, post links to holocaust denial crap or any other vile shite if you are one of his mates as that is that persons right due to freedom of speech but that same right doesn’t apply if you disagree with them. It shows him up for what he truly is.

To paraphrase a placard from the London Women’s March this weekend:

Bill Armintrout: I’d call him a cunt but he lacks both depth and warmth.

12 thoughts on “Banned from The Miniatures Page

  1. All good owners of media sites should set up an independent editorial staff, and rigorous code of conduct that is transparent to all. If it true that these are the owners views on life, so be it. Make it clear and let the members vote with their feet.


  2. I am still a member but ceased being a supporting one a while ago. I never heard Armentrout spout anything off, but there were a lot members, particularly paying members who felt that their financial support meant they can say whatever they want. That is why I now spend most of my time at the various Facebook groups. The members can have whatever views that they want, but on these groups, politics and other views are strictly left at the door.


  3. Completely agree with you there Chris I visit The Wargames Website these days, a much more civil environment where politics and religion have no place, just good old nerdy chat about playing with soldiers, painting them and making models/terrain!

    Unfortunately I have had the misfortune to have had some email conversation with him, he really is a deluded person and seems to want TMP to fail at the moment.


  4. I have used TMP mainly to market my rules however I am fining more and more that it is quite an oppressive environment. Nearly every post is met with critical and negative comments, it seems as if people hang around on there waiting to start a fight or force their oppinions others :(.


  5. After the “paedo-doug” incident I stopped reading, I see now Doug is back with the editors consent, the lounge discussions by smokeyroan and the ultra modern warfare \ racism threads are in full swing as Bill removes anyone that complains about his core group of knuckle draggers. Luckily there are plenty of other good forums and venues for wargame things without a hint of politics.


    • Absolutely Offa. The whole re-instating of one of the chief racists in residence, Legion4, should hopefully persuade some more people that enough is enough. I bet if he wasn’t a Yank and wasn’t a ‘vet’ (I bet I’ve seen more action going to watch West Ham than he ever has), Billious would have done his usual ostrich impersonation and ignored calls for reinstatement. Once more it proves that spouting bile and hate about Muslims is ok but be sarcastic about TMP, question Bill’s authority and you are a European and then it’s good night Vienna. Utter arse.

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  6. I have just got banned too. Fair enough it is his website. What has me more concerned though is that by locking my account TMP have removed the ability for me to contact them to remove personal information from my account details. I have tried responding to their messages but I just get a vague ‘an error has occured’ message. I assume this is because the locking of the account is removing the ability to message but the programmer never wrote code to handle it as a proper exception so it just fail inelegently part way through.

    I have managed to obscure most of it using anonymous or incorrect data but can’t change my reader name. To do so sends a request but I get the silly vague error after I press ‘send request’ so I’m not sure whether it has gone or not.

    In summary not happy with them retaining personal data against my will whilst denying me access to the service. In the EU this is illegal (a breach of the Data Protection Act) but I’m not sure whether that is the case in the US where I presume the data is held. So it may not be illegal, but it is immoral, unethical and unprofessional.


  7. I was banned a while back for calling him on the violation of his own rules when he started two separate trolling threads to generate hate against the British gamers. “misogynistic, trolling, egomaniacal, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, contrary turd” is an accurate description of Armintrout’s unhinged psyche. Wonder if he has a brain tumor or something. We can only hope that is the reason for his aberrant behaviour….or the answer to it!


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