Banned from The Miniatures Page

I managed to get myself locked out of TMP just before Christmas.

To be honest I’m not that sad, I can still look at the site when I want, I just can’t post there anymore – it will reduce the traffic here somewhat but I reckon that is a price worth paying.

I had started to find the behaviour of the odious toad that runs it was not to my liking: the man’s a misogynistic, trolling, egomaniacal, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, contrary turd. Indeed he does seem to be losing the plot somewhat these days as evidenced by his latest shenanigans over the sacking of the editors. He also has a Trumpian handle on the truth swearing blind in many posts that what everyone else knows to be the truth isn’t and his view is the only one that matters. I hope it costs him more of his supporting members and advertisers.

During a thread in which some people were stating their disgust over the continued allowing of racist language from some of the good ole boys on the site Armintrout obviously banned those who were protesting and after I sarcastically mentioned about his even handed approach to moderation I was banned too. Apparently it is OK to call for the death of people based on their religion, post links to holocaust denial crap or any other vile shite if you are one of his mates as that is that persons right due to freedom of speech but that same right doesn’t apply if you disagree with them. It shows him up for what he truly is.

To paraphrase a placard from the London Women’s March this weekend:

Bill Armintrout: I’d call him a cunt but he lacks both depth and warmth.

2016 round-up.

I know I am late with this and that the past years wargaming shenanigans are documented here on the blog but I just wanted to say a few things about the last 12 months and what there is to look forward to over the next year.

First up I have had an absolutely great year on the gaming front, it has really helped me get through the sometimes awful crappiness of being stuck at home especially when not feeling great. A huge part of this is down to the great chaps who I’ve had the pleasure to have played against, and a special mention has to go to the denizens of ‘Historical Corner’ who have become more than opponents, they have become proper mates. It has been an absolute pleasure gents, here’s to more of the same this year.

So highlights of this year:

Vapnartak Show in York – a great weekend away with the chaps and a great start to the year.

Des’ Big Game Saturday games – the Leibertwolkwitz game was truly a thing of beauty and an absoluter pleasure to be a part of, the ACW one was tough fight but also a great day and the recent Quatre Bras game didn’t disappoint either (more about that later…).

Chain of Command – possibly one of the best rulesets that I’ve ever played, and getting people involved in games and playing in them has been a lot of fun, even making the models hasn’t been too bad (thank you Plastic Soldier Company).

Marengo at Martin’s – this happened when my laptop gave up the ghost and I will be putting a report up over the next few days, but a great days gaming in Martin’s fantastic shed o’war and another magnificent spectacle.

Getting banned from TMP! More of that coming up next…

Things to look forward to this year:

I am helping Daren put on a 6mm Cold war game at Salute this year which we will be taking on the road to a couple of shows – aiming to go to the Joy of 6 in Sheffield and at least one other show to be decided on soon. I’m really looking forward to this as it will look the dogs nads!

I’m now involved in a ACW campaign at the club and after taking part in one battle so far can’t wait to get stuck into those damn Yankees again!

CoC campaign against Des. We plan on tackling the Scottish Corridor Pint Sized job from the Lardies and are due to start soon, hopefully I can do better than last years mullering I received from Mike in Operation Martlet.

I forgot yesterday – me and the mem are off to Vienna sometime in the spring. I’ve been before and was immensely upset when visiting the military museum there that the 1800’s gallery was closed for refurbishment so that’s deffo on the to do list. If possible I might see if I can finangle a trip out to Aspern-Essling or Wagram too.




Hello again!

I haven’t given up on the blog, just have been lacking the mojo to update it and to do much in the way of any wargame related stuff in general if I’m honest. I’ve not been feeling too great recently and hence not been up to doing much.

Having the new computer hasn’t helped as I’ve been spending far too much time on a couple of new games – the truly magnificent Combat Mission WW2 games from  (if you like WW2 try a demo, you won’t be sorry! and AGEOD’s Wars of Napoleon which is close to being a great game too, it just needs some annoying wrinkles ironed out. Apart from these taking up time there’s always my continually doomed attempts to get the glorious West Ham United to the top of the football world with Football Manager. I have also been stymied in getting photo’s onto my new machine by some technical crap that I couldn’t figure out but have now found a way to do it so can start catching up on the backlog.

Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit better now so I’ll get cracking on some new posts over the next few days and have even got a major painting urge too so onwards and upwards.


Back in action!

My brand new shiny (well black actually) PC is installed and now I have got the Combat Mission splurge out of the way I will be chucking some new stuff up on here. It’s been quite a busy time since I’ve not been able to post, with some great games played, some terrain made and getting banned from TMP too so lots to catch up on!

Sharp Practice 2, First Impressions

Ian purchased Sharp Practice 2 at Colours last week and Mike swiftly borrowed them on Monday. I had to pop round to his a couple of times this week to borrow some magazines and return them so had the perfect excuses to get a couple of games in whilst I was doing it.

Obviously mistakes were made and the games didn’t flow very well at first but by the end of the second game things were flowing very well indeed. It is one of the things that I really love about Lardies rules, once you get the activation rules you can get cracking along with the game. The nice and straightforward shooting and melee mechanisms are also easily learnt so that after a few moves you can cut down the amount of referring to the charts in the rules. On the downside, again typical for TFL rules, if you are looking for confirmation about something in the rules sometimes it can be a bit hard to track down exactly where it is in the rules, and a comprehensive QRS with the rules would help immensely. Having said that though the Lardy ones have done it again, just like after playing Chain of Command I’d be more than happy to have another go at these, indeed Mike reckons that this version has been influenced in somewhat by CoC (which is obviously no bad thing!). We played both a Napoleonic and early ACW game and both played very well using the same rules whilst seeming right for both periods. The games have a lovely flow to them and are fun to play too, also once you get a few games under your belt and start to use the more nuanced elements of the system I think that they will be even better.

It looks as if I finally have the justification for getting those lovely 25mm Perry Confederation of the Rhine figures now, indeed I can’t see a reason not to! Curse you Lardies, curse you for doing it again!!!


Colours, 2016

First of all, apologies for not getting on the blog for a while. I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately a combination of some weird side affects from my medication and being a bit depressed too which has meant that all painting production stopped for the past few weeks (although some of this was due to it being too hot to paint). Also the Warlords have been on their summer break as the club closes for the month of August hence no games to write up!

Anyway, on Saturday Des, Ian, Daren and I met up early at Paddington and made the trip to Newbury racecourse to attend Colours. We arrived and promptly split up as we started to move around the traders, I immediately stopped at H&R’s stall and had a nice chat with Andy – glad to see and hear that he is very much on the mend – whilst picking up a few bits for my Alt-History Polish chaps. It also was a good to hear what Andy had planned for future releases and what was doable in the way of ordering bits for ‘kit-bashing’ if needed. I also got to see their AIFV/YPR-765’s in the flesh which will be needed for my next force and also a project that Daren and I are talking about for a Salute in the near future.

I didn’t have anything else much to get from my list – some decals for 20mm German armour and some black primer so spent the next hour having a look at what was on offer and convincing myself that I didn’t need any of the goodies that were tempting me! I’m particularly taking to you Pendraken’s 1866 range – next year I think for that project. The only other things that I bought were a couple of books from the bring and buy: Blandford’s ‘World Uniforms and Battles 1815-50’ by Philip Haythornwaite & Michael Chappell and ‘Napoleon’s Campaigns in Miniature’ by Bruce Quarrie for the princely sum of £5 for the pair. This was perhaps the best purchase I’ve made for a while as both books were a very important part of my early wargaming life and it was at least £20 cheaper than what they would have cost downstairs at the 2nd hand book stalls!

Unfortunately I had forgotten to juice up my phone before I left so wasn’t able to take many pictures of the games and the few I did take were not very good so sorry none to post but there are a good many on other blogs out already and they are probably better quality than mine would be anyway.

The ones that did particularly appeal to me were the Winter War game by the Loughton lads, although I had seen it before it was at Salute and I didn’t get to have a proper look or get to talk to the guys responsible so that was nice. It was good to chat with Dave Brown about his new ACW rules and also to ask him about the planned General d’Armee rules in the pipeline – his game looked nice too but I had to turn down his kind offer of having a bash with a command as time was against it. The fantastic WW1 Mesopotamia game and the Crush the Kaiser ‘Viva Zapata’ games were also belters with fantastic figures and awesome terrain pieces, unfortunately I didn’t get to chat with any of the guys putting them on and wish I had as the games were very intriguing. I also liked the ‘Axis and Allies’ inspired Normandy game and would have had a go if I could have got near it which showed what a good game it was as they were busy every time I went past.

We thought that the venue was nice – what is it with wargames shows and racecourses? – and I’d definitely be back again next year. One thing I did realise when we were chatting whilst sampling the top-notch pies on offer was that the old maxim of picking things up at a show ‘saves you on the postage’ is actually a right old bunch of yarbles. Once you factor in cost of travel, entrance, food and drink plus any ‘ooh shiny’ purchases that might be made you definitely don’t make any saving at all! So why bother going? Apart from getting to take part in or see some great games I reckon it is that getting together with your mates and having a good old nerd out can’t be beat can it, can it?