Just a quickie to show what I picked up at the Joy of 6 the other week (I would have done this sooner but had a terrible time of it health wise last week but feeling better now).

First up from H&R, enough kit to do the ‘teeth’ of a Soviet Tank regiment for FFT3. T-64’s and BMP-2’s. Both are nice models in my opinion, the T-64’s are primed and I should have both tanks and IFV’s done by the end of the week.


I was also picking up some planes and helicopters from Jonathan that he had going spare, I definitely needed the Soviet kit as I was lacking air support for my growing forces. Need to maybe do some repainting and slight repair work on them and add ‘my’ flight stand fixtures but not a bad haul for £15, cheers Jonathan!


Apologies for lack of posts…

I haven’t been doing much these past few weeks as I’ve not been feeling too good, a visit to hospital yesterday showed that my blood problem is being a bastard again so my medication is having to be increased once more – huzzah!. I don’t have any game reports to post either, it was AGM night at the club on Monday and the week before was a ‘training’ game for someone on FFT3 and I didn’t take any photos that I could use on here so decided to not do a write up.

I am hoping to get some stuff done this week though so should have something ready later in the week, I’m determined to finish off some Soviet kit that’s been on the desk for a few weeks now.  Also we are taking the Salute game up to Joy of 6 next weekend which I am really looking forward to so there will be lots to post about after that.

The Miniatures Page, what a mess.

I really couldn’t let the recent antics of the odious twerp that runs TMP go by without commenting (reading Frothers has been a hoot recently!). Over the past few days he has banned about 20 people and caused many more to leave with his ridiculous and slightly unhinged behaviour which has included having a pop at all British wargamers. I really can’t see why you would bother with it any more, especially if you aren’t an American as it seems everyone else (Tango aside) isn’t welcome. I’ll be giving it a wide berth from now on.

I look at it this way: TMP is like a pub that you go to initially because everyone else does. Soon though you realise that even though most people there are alright and the conversation is usually nice the views of the landlord and his cronies at the bar are truly unpleasant and any pointing out of this results in being barred, and speaking up in defence of people who are attacked by said cronies also gets you barred. Thankfully there are other, nicer pubs around (The Wargames Website in particular) where the vibe is a lot cooler, the locals pleasant and the landlord isn’t a vile xenophobic, egotistical maniac.


I’ve been guilty over the past few months of neglecting getting anything done with regards to tackling the leadpile in any way. Thankfully this seems to have passed as having to paint some kit up for our Salute game has re-kindled the passion for painting somewhat (I have been suffering terribly from ‘painting block’). It has also made me realise that I need to focus my attention on what it is I really want to get done, therefore I’ve decided make an effort to restart my stalled Alt-History Modern project. I really want to get some more 6mm kit done for a big game I have planned for later in the year and, to be honest, it isn’t that hard to paint the little blighters! This is also a way to give me the impetus to tackle some projects/jobs that aren’t finished as they will be a nice break from painting all that camo. (That means your stuff Martin, been feeling very guilty about that!!)

With this in mind I have laid out all the kit I have for my ‘Polish’ army so that I can see what I need to either paint up or order to finish off units and that is all in hand, waiting on an order from H&R for the missing bits now and will be tackling what I have that needs to  be finished painting next. I have also looked at what kit I had in drawers and have sent out an order to Scotia to augment that and now have the beginnings of a Soviet MR Regiment en route, the email arrived yesterday saying it is dispatched, so that will be the next job after finishing the Poles. The kit that I bought at Salute to complete the ‘Lithuanian’ brigade is now well on the way to being finished, and I’ll bung up a post with pics when they are done.





Getting ready for Salute

It is a week until Salute and I won’t be working there this time or visiting as a punter because I am helping put a game on. It will be a 6mm Cold War affair with a Soviet force trying to bounce a crossing over a river line that is defended by a joint British and West German Territorial force. To say I am excited about it is a bit of an understatement, I can’t wait!

We are due to have a full run through of the game on Monday down at the Warlords and I will post some ‘taster’ snaps afterwards as it does promise to be a belter! This is due to the fantastic efforts of the good Bombardier, Daren, who has turned his considerable talents to making some truly fantastic terrain (some of which can be seen elsewhere on this blog) and it will include his terribly ingenious ‘sunken’ river.

For my part I’ve only had to paint 25 T-62’s and 5 JagdpanzerKanones plus knock up a few log bunkers and dug-in bases and write up the background which doesn’t feel like much compared to what Daren has turned out! We will be using the MicroArmour rules by GHQ, to which Daren and Dan have added some great touches (for example the Soviets have to write a Fire Plan that will be hard to adjust once battle is joined) and all the vehicles will be GHQ. You can find us on table GG05 so stop by and have a chat if you are passing.