Club Night 06/03/17: FFT3 bash.

As Dan and I found ourselves sans game last week, we decided to have another of our 6mm FFT3 ‘get some tanks on the table and have fun’ games. So My trusty Alt-history Poles and Austrians once more were about to engage in another round of battle. As usual we just whacked some terrain down, diced for what table edge we’d start on and got to it, simple meeting engagement with nominal objective of finding enemy and securing road network.

We each had a roughly same sized force with roughly equal number of tank bases, Dan had a slight advantage in infantry but I had the advantage of having a AT Heli which he didn’t, we both had aircraft support too.

We were using my house rules for activation, initiative and suppression with a slight twist, this time as an experiment we would be saving any unused pips from the initiative rolls and we only used a single d6 for testing for activation.

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Dan won the first initiative with a whopping 5 pips and wisely allowed me to move first and straight away the saving of the pips came into the game with Dan banking those pips for his next go. This has been an idea for a while as it seems a shame that you lose pips sometime, you might not have a chance to use them (first move being a good example) so why not save them up for later. I duly barrelled my Armoured car company down the road towards the far town and splitting my force into two halves advanced towards the stream on the left and to the ridge on the right. Dan’s first move was similar and things looked good for a nice even fight on both halves of the board.

First blood went to Dan as his Jeep/RCL recce chaps took out one of my AML’s then a couple of more were lost to deadly fire from M-60’s on the hill to the left. There wasn’t much other action during the first part of the game as the rolling hills made LOS hard to get shots off so we both jockeyed for position. Over on the right we had both halted on ridgelines overlooking the farmland and we tried to take the other under fire with me having the best of it as Dan’s Kurassier’s were just out of range and couldn’t reach my ridge, so my Vickers mk3’s and Striker attempted to pick them off – although my gunner’s sights were off a bit (Dan kept making the saving throws). Keeping one tank company on the ridge along with my Striker platoon to take on the SK’s I moved the other Vickers company and the infantry company behind the ridge towards the wood on the extreme right flank with an idea of using it to launch an attack from later, although I did suffer the loss of an infantry platoon by stupidly driving along the edge of the wood and straying into long range of the covering tank destroyers.

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Dan was initially having the best of it rolling for initiative and was using his pips to activate his artillery battalion each turn, which was doing a good job of supressing the tanks on the right hand ridge and the infantry by the stream on the left. My artillery support was woeful all night, with me only managing to call some in once or twice, the Austrian Electronic warfare chaps must have been playing a blinder, jamming my comms. My rolling was not any better when I finally secured the initiative and blew all my pips in attempting to call in an airstrike on the SK105’s, failing miserably and having the mission aborted.

Over on the left I managed to hit the stream without losing any vehicles from Dan’s good position on the ridge across the valley and de-bussed the infantry whilst one tank company started to probe along the streamline towards the village hoping to utilise the cover from the stream. Dan countered this threat by advancing an infantry and tank force towards the village which was very successful, my tank company was reduced to one surviving platoon hiding behind the village. Along the stream the action developed into a bit of a stand off as Dan didn’t want to move off of his ridge and I didn’t want to leave the cover of the stream so we both started trading shots but our respective terrain advantages prevented any knock outs taking place.

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I did keep the initiative from then on but usually only with a draw on the dice, using the odd point I did get for another activation which helped my advance off the right hand ridge, after I had finally seen off the covering SK105 company. This company moved forwards along with the company from the wood and engaged Dan’s units that had advanced against my probe along the stream, destroying or seeing off the tank company. My infantry positioned along the stream had used their APC’s 20mm to take revenge on the recce Jeeps, although they and their tank support had started to be whittled down by accurate Austrian artillery and direct tank fire and pretty soon there was nowt left after the surviving platoons bugged out due to formation tests although they did manage to take out one of the Austrian tank companies. This is where we had to stop due to time getting on, and the battle had begun to pivot around the central village, I had the upper hand on the right slightly whilst Dan had easily won the battle on the left so I conceded to a losing draw as I think I’d have pulled back if possible, Dan’s stronger infantry and their deadly BILL atgm might have tipped the balance.

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All in all it was a nice little fight, just about right for a quickly organised Monday night game. Dan was a cracking opponent as usual, not only sporting but a good laugh too. He liked the house rules, which was nice, as he said it added enough to the standard game without slowing it down and we both agreed that being able to save the pips was a positive change – Dan didn’t hold the initiative that much but his first two rolls were so good he managed to eke out his pips over many moves which helped in keeping his artillery going. I do really need to start painting some of my other 6mm kit to get another force together, will go Soviet next I think…


Club Night 25/07/16: FFT3 Bash

Last night was the ‘end of term’ for the Warlords as we have our summer break until September and it was planned that we would be taking part in a 6mm WW2 game. Unfortunately something came up which meant that the game had to get called off and as Dan and I were keen to get a game in we decided to just have a nice and simple straight up FFT3 scrap so I cobbled a couple of forces together. Dan took command of my alt-history Poles and I took the Austrians and we had the following forces:


2 x Armoured Btlns of:

  • 3 x Vickers mk.3 Coys (3 each)
  • 1 x Inf Coy (3 Inf – 1 with Bantam atgm & 3 4k 4FA/20mm)
  • 1 sp 81mm mortar
  • 1 Striker

1 recce Btln

  • 2 x Scorpion-90 Coys (3 each)
  • 1 x Inf coy (as above but mg armed APC)

Bgde support

  • 1 x 155mm SP Btln (3 units)
  • 1 AD unit of 1 x Spartan apc with 2 x Blowpipe teams
  • 1 Mangusta Heli with 4 x ZT-3 atgm



2 x Panzer KampfGruppe

  • 2 x Coys M60a3 (4 each)
  • 1 x PzrGren coy (4 inf – 1 with Bill atgm & 3 mg 4k 4fa, 1 20mm armed)
  • 1 x M42 Duster sp adg
  • 1 x sp 81mmMortar
  • 1 x ‘command’ M60a3 (no special function just there to boost numbers!)

1 Recce Gruppe

  • 1 x Jeep Coy (2 jeep/hmg)
  • 1 x PzrJager Coy (3  SK105)
  • 1 x PzGren Coy (as above)

Bgde Support

  • 1 x sp 155mm Btln (3 units)
  • 1 Drakken with Bombs

So the forces were nice and balanced with me having a slight advantage in infantry with better ATGM and Dan having slightly more stands but more lightly armoured. I set the terrain up and we got to it with both entering the table from opposite ends with a nominal objective of securing the road junction. We did the usual and diced to see which sides we would come on from and we ended up going along the long axis, which completely negated the ridges and hills on the table as they were all orientated the other way so there was a lack of hull down positions which increased the lethality of the battle somewhat. We were keeping it simple hence the lack of Divisional and higher artillery and played without my activation rules but were trying out the suppression check rules to see how they panned out. Also we agreed that any time we scored 3 or more higher in the initiative roll we could bring on the chopper or jets to add a bit of fun!

Dan’s lads entered from the far end.

Dan won the initiative for the first move, and also could’ve called in his chopper which he decided against, barrelling his units along the table using strat moves for everything which I did also when it was my turn – this was not going to be anything fancy this engagement!

Dan won the initiative again and carried on pushing one Armoured Btln to the wood by the crossroads with his Recce unit and a couple of tank companies secured the centre and his other Armoured Btln moving towards the village on the right. I  was slightly mirroring his moves pushing my Recce unit along the road to take the crossroads village whilst my Tank Btlns moved up the flanks, I did stop my Dusters on the small hills to my rear and put them on overwatch.

My right hand attack moves off
Recce types motor for the village

This ended up being a good decision as Dan again won initiative once more and again was able to call up his helicopter support, which he duly did moving it behind the large wood on the left. This wood was now seemingly full with troops and a Scorpion, Vickers and Infantry Company all snuck to the edge and made ready to fire. Over on the other flank his other Btln seemed to be all trying to hide behind the village with some tanks giving long range cover whilst the central units were held back in reserve. As I was now in long range Dan opened up starting the ball rolling by declaring a pop-up attack by his Mangusta, luckily for me my Duster crews on this side of the battlefield were both alert and lucky managing to down the chopper before it could unleash its missiles! My happiness was short lived however as Dan opened up from the wood and a combination of 105mm and 90mm guns and venerable Bantam missiles saw my lead tank company disappear from the table after failing QC tests.

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I decided to halt, debus the infantry and try to win the firefight with my remaining tanks whilst calling for artillery n the wood, which caused some suppression. My return fire also did some damage. I also managed to garrison the crossroads village and the Bantam team started to fire across to targets near the other village causing damage. On the right I advanced slightly to acquire targets near the right hand village and unleashed a particularly deadly fire which virtually wiped out Dan’s tanks on this flank.

Things then got very bloody as we had at each other for the next couple of moves, Dan wiped out my SK-105’s without them managing to fire a shot and as the action developed we both stared to take hits all over the place with companies failing QC’s and platoons going up. We decided to allow the chopper back on (and I was likewise allowed to ‘Unleash the Drakken!’ when I next won the initiative) and the Mangusta got to work straight away taking out 2 platoons of my victorious M60’s on the right which also fell victim to ATGM fire from the village and some deadly tank gunnery from the reserve Vickers Mk.3’s that Dan had moved across from the centre. The result of which was that my seemingly winning action on the right was crushed with me only having one surviving tank platoon and the infantry that I had placed in the wood also taking a beating from the attention of the Scorpion-90’s.

Luckily I won the initiative and got my jet on which managed to make a bomb run which sadly only caused the suppression of one platoon due to dodging the incoming Blowpipes. Sadly though I had taken appalling losses in tanks, I had none left having lost 2 companies worth to QC tests alone! i was now completely relying on my Infantry and these had had it as well when Dan’s last go saw his Artillery and Direct fire from every vehicle that could get a shot away started to whittle down the lads in the crossroads village too. I then had no other option but to concede defeat.

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Not the most brilliantly tactically nuanced battle ever fought but we had a laugh and Dan enjoyed the rules, it was only the second time he has played them so I’m glad of that and at least we got our gaming fix in before the break!









Club Night 16/11/2015: FFT3 Poles vs. Byzantines!

Alan has been working on the modern forces for his imagination of New Byzantium (see his blog here: ) and so it was only right that I used my Alt-History Poles as his first opposition (I’m sure that his batrep will be a lot more interesting as mine so will be well worth checking out his blog).

It was a classic meeting engagement of a village/crossroads set up with us dicing for where we would be coming on table. What made this game interesting was that we had decided to bring on our units sequentially starting with the recon units and adding more battalions only when we had rolled enough pips during the command phase (see my house rules) so it wasn’t the usual tank battle club night games can be. Also it was useful to see how ‘my’ TOE for the Poles would do in ‘combat’ conditions and used by myself.

My initial forces were a slightly reduced Divisional Cavalry Regiment of 2 AML-90/60 companies, 1 Fox company and 1 M3 Panhard mounted infantry company Alan had a light force too consisting of AML-90’s, jeep mounted ATGM and recon jeeps with truck mounted infantry in support.

Luckily I managed to win the initiative and decided to barrel the Fox coy up the road to secure the village with the infantry coy following up. The two AML coys would move to either side, those on the left to take a low ridge across the lateral road those on the right the hedgeline by the road there.

View of the table after 1st move, my Fox coy secures the village whilst my infantry and AML’s move up.

Alan then moved up to the Y-junction with some jeep johnnies and pushed some units towards the woods on my right and round the hedges to the left heading towards the ridge my AML’s were going for. Alan won the initiative next and with the pips that he received decided to call in a free barrage on the village to suppress my guys there he then drew first blood as one of his jeep mounted ATGM took out a Fox. I managed to get some payback with the Fox to the left ko’ing the accompanying jeep mounted infantry platoon whilst moving my infantry company up to occupy the village.

Alan managed to get to the ridge on the left first but luckily for me it was only with a recon jeep platoon which sensibly fell back before the advancing armoured cars – although he did gamely have a pop with his 12.7mm HMG! However as soon as I moved up to the ridgeline I lost the lead platoon to some dead-eye shooting from an ATGM fired from the woods to the front of the ridge which Alan had put one of his infantry coys (to be fair he had the devils own luck with his dice rolls all evening, I didn’t!).

Alan’s annoying infantry company in the wood to the right of the village, ATGM were a pain all game.

In the village Alan was doing great with his artillery, using the pips he won during initiative to bring in artillery that kept my infantry supressed which meant that my Milan fire was largely ineffective, I think they managed to only take out 1 AML all game. The remainder of the Fox company succumbed to more ATGM fire from Alan’s chaps in the wood to the right – I had absolutely appalling luck all game trying to bring in artillery on these, only managing to supress them once all game – and from the one by the Y-junction.

Alan used a 4 pip initiative win to bring on a reserve battalion and diced up a T-55 battalion which made things potentially dicey for me as the only thing that could really do any damage on my side was the single Milan launcher with my infantry, however I won back the initiative the next go (I believe the first time since the start of the game) and managed to get enough pips to release my own reserves, rolling up an Armoured battalion.

Byzantine T-55’s enter the fray whilst their AML’s start to relocate to the other flank. I must say these have a lovely camo-pattern!


My PT-89’s arrive to even things up! (These are Scotia EET-1 Osario’s masquerading as a Vickers mk.7)

Sadly we hade run out of time by the time we had moved the tanks up to the village, although not before my tanks on the left had managed to brew up a T-55 and Alan’s crack-shot ATGM chaps over on the right had caused a couple of QC tests on the tanks on the road.

I think my better tanks would have swayed things my way if we had gone on and I’d have secured the village but it was an interesting battle anyway having only light forces on table for most of it gave a good game. One thing that did come up during the game was the seeming ineffectiveness of MRL’s in the rules – they have a very low fire value, maybe a question for the yahoo group there? Anyway it looks as if we will be carrying on with some more battles with these protagonists so will look forwards to that (as long as Alan changes dice next time!!).

Here’s some pictures of a couple of other games that caught my eye on Monday, first up a AWI game using ‘British Grenadier’ played by Ian, Des and Martin followed by Mac’s game with new chap Ollie (?) of ‘Bolt Action’ using his lovely home made buildings.


Love this PzIV shot!


No Jenkins, don’t throw it in there!



Club Night 02/10/15: FFT3 Quick dust up!

I didn’t have a game organised for Monday night but still went down the club and took along my 6mm kit just in case there was another forlorn gamer there looking for a game!

Dan was that man and so we set up a table quickly and got to it. Unfortunately he had no experience of FFT but did pick it up quickly, which is testament to how easy they are to get your head around I suppose. We chose to fight a simple meeting engagement, the old control of a village/road junction being the objective and we left out artillery to make things easier. Dan took Austrians whilst I took ‘Poles’.

We did have a good quick game with both of us taking quite a few ko’d vehicles from long range fire as we tried to get into cover. I managed to secure 2/3 of the village whilst Dan held the last part but as we didn’t have any artillery it would have been suicide to try and take the respective parts so we left it as was and concentrated on the tank battle. My Ferret/Swingfire chalked up a couple of kills as did my infantry Milan teams, The Bill atgm his infantry was using was able to take out my Vickers mk.7 at very long range – why no-one else used this weapon apart from the Swedes and the Austrians and everyone used the Milan I really don’t know as it is deadly. Elsewhere our tanks did a lot of damage with APC’s and armoured cars brewing up as well as enemy tanks all over the place – ‘ooh bloody’ was heard by passing gamers a couple of times.

We only played for a couple of hours as we started late but did fight ourselves to a stalemate and (more importantly) Dan got to grips with the rules, really enjoyed them and said he’d be happy to play again.

Unfortunately my camera was running out of juice so I could only take a few photos but here they are.

Austrian M60a3 looking moody.
Austrian M60a3 looking moody.
The hills are alive with the sound of KLANG!
The hills are alive with the sound of KLANG!
Polish Vickers mk.3 pass burning armoured cars - 1 takes a hit.
Polish Vickers mk.3 pass burning armoured cars – 1 takes a hit.
Austrian combined arms in motion.
Austrian combined arms in motion.
Austrian Panzers suffer too.
Austrian Panzers suffer too.
Polish Vickers mk.3's advance.
Polish Vickers mk.3’s advance.
Polish Striker sneaking forwards.
Polish Striker sneaking forwards.
Polish infantry manage to escape from their Stormer.
Polish infantry manage to escape from their Stormer.
Austrian PanzerGrenadiers move up on the village.
Austrian PanzerGrenadiers move up on the village.

FFT3 AAR: Battle of Klinkerhoff Gap pt. 2

So we left it last week with the situation thus: Terry had unsuccessfully assaulted Klinkerhoff and losing just over a company’s worth of infantry and APC’s and Jamie had secured the crossroads with his armoured cars for a couple of losses whilst taking out a complete Austrian PanzerGrenadier company.

Polish starting positions
Polish starting positions

I actually won the initiative on this weeks first go but allowed the Poles to go first as I didn’t need to move owt and wanted them to trigger my overwatch fire where necessary. Over on the right Terry started to manoeuvre the remainder of his Mechanised Infantry Regiment to the right of the town whilst Jamie seemed to have thrown off his caution of last week and pushed his force forward with the armd cars pushing along the road and to the left of it – he also moved his remaining two tanks from the hedge line to the right of the crossroads up to the hedge line at the top of the square enclosure. This proved a costly decision as they ran smack into 2 platoons of Landwehr on the other side of the hedge and in the following close assault they suffered 1 ko and 1 QC failure – ouch! (those Miniman LAW’s again, they are a beast!). Jamie did get some payback as an AML took out one of the Landwehr during their fire phase, but still not a great return. Over on the right an AT gun opened fire and destroyed a Polish Fox platoon that Terry had sent scouting ahead.

Remains of Polish Tank Coy at end of turn 1.
Remains of Polish Tank Coy at end of turn 1.
Austrian ATG goes Fox hunting!
Austrian ATG goes Fox hunting!

The second turn saw some more Anti-Tank Guns pop into action as the Poles ground forward (I had won the initiative again but still allowed them 1st move). The left hand gun platoon scored a ko against another AML whilst the Bill ATGM armed platoon on the hill to the left took out another. Terry was still moving round the flank of the town whilst avoiding getting within MAW range. The brave hedge defenders took some 90mm fire from the AML’s and failed their QC which caused a morale check on the remaining platoon – they weren’t made of the same stuff as their kameraden however and promptly legged it, all that was between the Poles and the end of the valley now was a company of Anti-Tank guns, I really needed to roll up my Panzer Btln now.

More Fox hunting from the AT gunners, whilst an AML brews too.
More Fox hunting from the AT gunners, whilst an AML brews too.
The grand sneak!
The grand sneak!

I managed to hang onto the initiative (but didn’t manage to get enough pips to activate my reserves) and elected to go first, I needed to get some fire onto the Poles before they could call artillery on my ATG’s to supress them. I only managed to get rid of another AML with my left hand gun due to a QC, whilst my ATGM on the hill missed completely. Bugger! The Polish gunners then started to lay barrages on me – they got nearly all the artillery they could this go – supressing my guns and causing the PzrGren platoon on the hill to bug out (a 6 for a QC needed and they got it, then I failed – damned bad luck I say!).

Jamie did seem to become very wary of the hill over on the left as well as the thinness of the armour of his Armd Cars and moved them back up towards the crossroads and away from the ATG too. Over on the right Terry launched an Infantry company towards the ridge of the right hand hills and I let rip with my waiting Kurassier company – result, 2 destroyed Grizzly’s and 1 infantry platoon ko’d, however I suffered 1 platoon lost due to return fire from his Vickers tanks.

Jamie's cavalry scuttling off back to the crossroads.
Jamie’s cavalry scuttling off back to the crossroads.
The remains of the terry's infantry company after being hit by the SK-105's
The remains of the Terry’s infantry company after being hit by the SK-105’s

I won initiative again by 2 pips –  so now I had a decision to make, release the Panzer Btln waiting in Reserve or use it for a guaranteed Btlns worth of Artillery – I chose the latter. Why? Well to be brutally honest it would have ruined the game, 16 stands of M60a3’s turning up would’ve been game over for the Poles as they had failed to release their own Armoured reserve and it’d be like shooting fish in a barrel. So I laid smoke to prevent the Vickers from having another go at me and bugged out the remaining Kurassiers on the right flank. In the centre my left hand ATG had succumbed to AML fire (failed a QC) whilst my other 2 were kept supressed by Artillery. Jamie laid down smoke to mask the left hand hill and edged forward down the centre, whilst Terry made a move on the right hand ridge line just vacated by my tank destroyers with some infantry and his mighty Ferret/Swingfire whilst positioning himself for another assault on Klinkerhoff.

The mighty Ferret/Swingfire moves up towards 'Kurassier Ridge'
The mighty Ferret/Swingfire moves up towards ‘Kurassier Ridge’
Kurassier ridge with Polish infantry moving up.
Kurassier ridge with Polish infantry moving up.
Poles get ready for 2nd assault on Klinkerhoff.
Poles get ready for 2nd assault on Klinkerhoff.

The next move didn’t have much going on, I won the initiative again and let the Poles go first as there wasn’t much I needed to do and I felt sort of ‘safe’ doing so – more artillery fell on my ATG’s one being surpressed with the other being knocked out, whilst Jamie edged forwards. However his smoke had only partially obscured the view of the Kurassier company on the left hill and they opened up in overwatch fire, knocking out another AML. Terry started to systematically target the infantry trapped in Klinkerhoff with both Artillery and direct fire from the Tanks, which caused suppression. I decided then that I’d call the game informing my opponents that I had already withdrawn the infantry from the left hand hill, and was willing to sacrifice the plucky defenders of Klinkerhoff – their CO was under instructions to either sell themselves dearly or chuck it in and ‘hande hoch’ if they wanted to!

Although my Kurassiers would’ve made minced meat of their Armd Cars they would have been very vulnerable once Terry had his Swingfire ready on the hill he’d just taken (plus he still had 3 tank stands left), also if they had gotten to activate their reserve it’d be no contest so I reckoned I’d given them a bloody enough nose why not pull back with what I had remaining and maybe come back in a counter attack……….?

The guys said that they enjoyed the game, as Terry said it made a nice change to not have tons of tanks either side (although we do love those sorts of bashes!) and that it was a good tactical challenge which is what I was aiming for so that pleased me no end. I learned a lot about putting on a game and know how I would change a few things if I was to do it again, also I was quietly chuffed when a few guys at the club commented on how much they liked the KO markers I made, and wanted to know how I did them – which was nice!

I hope you enjoyed the write up too, please leave a comment if you have any suggestions to improve them or hit the like button! Lastly a few photo’s of the table at the end.

Cavalry burning!
Austrian ATG on the receiving end!
Polish armoured cars light the way.
Polish armoured cars light the way.



Polish Mechanised Division

OK here is the first Orbat for my Alt-History Poles, as they are currently in action at the Klinkerhoff Gap I thought it might be helpful to add this now – I was waiting until I had finished off a few bits as to take photo’s but I can add them later (nowt but professional me!).

As I’ve mentioned before, I am trying to base the ‘imagined’ forces in this project on real life TO&E’s, with a few tweaks here and there. For the Poles I sort of extrapolated their pre-WW2 units, with a French influence for their organisation and basing their equipment on Vickers products with some French kit thrown in for good measure – Nigeria had just that so that’s where the basis for the equipment mix came from. This also gave Saurer APC’s from Austria and Piranha APC’s from Switzerland, so I had to go for it – this meant I could use Canadian Grizzly/Cougars which are, quite frankly, well cool!

As for organisation I very nearly went the whole Nigerian hog as they’ve got quite a distinct one, but in the end I’ve based it on the Polish Cold War Naval Landing Division, which does give a slightly French feel to the unit as it consists of Regiments that are smaller than Soviet ones but bigger than ‘regular’ battalions.

There are 10 Mechanised Divisions in the Polish Army, 1 being a reserve unit, so form the majority of the Army’s strength.

Mechanised Division

HQ Coy

  • 1 radio Truck
  • 1 Cmnd APC

AD Btln

  • 3 SPtw35mm adg
  • 3 SP Roland SAM

Art Regt

  • 1 foo Ferret
  • 3 Palmaria sp
  • 1 mrls

Eng Btln

  • 3 Cys
    • 2 Eng (3 ar, rg)
    • 1 Combat eng (3 ar, rg, lmg, maw, 1 flm)
    •  3 apc
  • 1 Cy
    • 2 AVLB
    • 2 CEV

Divisional Amd Cav Regt

  • Recon Coy
    • 3 recon Fox amd cars
  • Inf Coy
    • 2 Armoured Cav (3 ar, rg, lmg, law, maw)
    • 1 Armd Cav/ATGM
    • 3 Panhard m3 apc
  • 3 Amd Coys
    • 2 AML-90
    • 1 AML-60

2 Mechanised Infantry Regts from:

12 x Tracked Regts

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd 4k-4fu
    • 1 Blowpipe Manpad team
    • 1 Striker sp ATGM
    •  1 4k-7f-81 sp81mmM
  • 5 Coys
    • 3 Inf (3 ar, rg, lmg, law, maw)
    • 3 4k-7f apc
  • 1 Coy
    • 3 PT-77 (Vickers mk.3


6 x Wheeled Regts

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd Piranha (will come up with suitable Polish name soon)
    • 1 Blowpipe Manpad team
    • 1 Ferret/Swingfire
    • 1 81mmM
    • 1 Piranha APC (tow for the 81mmM – wish there was an SP version available!)
  • 5 Coys
    • 3 Inf (3 ar, rg, lmg, law, maw)
    • 3 Piranha apc
  • 1 Coy
    • 3 PT-77 (Vickers mk.3)

1 xArmoured Regt               (6 Mk3m, 3 Mk3)

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd 4k-7fu
    • 1 Vickers ARV
    • 1 Blowpipe manpad team
    • 1 Striker
    • 1 4k-7f-GrW81 sp81mmM
  • 2 Coys
    • 3 Inf (3 ar, rg, lmg, law, maw)
    • 3 4k-7f-20 aifv
  • 4 Coys
    • 3 PT-77m or PT-77 (Vickers mk.3)
Divisional Cavalry Regt Armoured Car-tastic!
Divisional Cavalry Regt
Armoured Car-tastic!
Fox's on the right, AML-90 and AML-60's to the left.
Fox’s on the right, AML-90 and AML-60’s to the left.
Cavalry Regt infantry element. Company in Panhard M3 with one platoon carrying Milan.
Cavalry Regt infantry element. Company in Panhard M3 with one platoon carrying Milan.
Wheeled Mechanised Regt. (I'm actually short a whole Infantry Company - waiting for the APC's now!)
Wheeled Mechanised Regt.
(I’m actually short a whole Infantry Company – waiting for the APC’s now!)
Infantry element with 81mm Mortar platoon to the right.
Infantry element with 81mm Mortar platoon to the right.
Close up of the Grizzly APC - one of my favourites, cool bit of kit!
Close up of the Grizzly APC – one of my favourites, cool bit of kit!
Ferret with Swingfire - AT support for the Regt.  Mortar Platoon vehicle behind it.
Ferret with Swingfire – AT support for the Regt.
Mortar Platoon vehicle behind it.
PT-77 Tank Company. (Polish built Vickers Mk.3)
PT-77 Tank Company.
(Polish built Vickers Mk.3)

FFT3 AAR: Battle of Klinkerhoff Gap, part 1.

This is a battle from my Alt-History set-up.

A Polish force is tasked with moving along a broad valley to initiate a breakthrough of the Austrian lines. Intelligence on the Austrian forces is, however, very sketchy as the situation has been fluid for a few days but it is believed that there are around 2 Btlns of infantry in the vicinity with maybe some armoured support. To facilitate this the Polish commander has the following forces: a Divisional Armoured Cavarly Regt, a Mechanised Infantry Regt (Wheeled) and an Armoured Btln from the Independent Armd Bgde supported by quite a fair bit of Artillery.

Here’s the terrain looking up the valley from the Austrian lines:

The Klinkerhoff Gap. Low wooded hills on the left and right overlooking farmland. Town of Klinkerhoff to the right.
The Klinkerhoff Gap. Low wooded hills on the left and right overlooking farmland. Town of Klinkerhoff to the right.
The Polish end of the valley. Klinkerhoff is on the right.
The Polish end of the valley. Klinkerhoff is on the right.
Austrian end of the valley.
Austrian end of the valley.

I took the Austrians with Jamie taking the Cavalry Regt and Terry the Mech Infantry. We are trying out my house rules for initiative and to activate units for a bit of friction, (I’ll put them in another post).

Jamie’s Cavalry Regt was first on the table and started off (unusually for him) cautiously moving along the road towards the crossroads with his lead company with the rest of the Regt spread out behind it. He did roll up a preliminary barrage from their Corp 203mm art btln which he chose to split into 3 battery strikes; he guessed correctly where my first line of defence was (along the hedges to the left of the crossroads), suppressing one of my one of my defending platoons but also his Fox scout pltn (he rolled a SNAFU for one of them).

The Cavalry moves up.
The Cavalry moves up.

Move 2 saw Terry start to bring on the Mech Infantry Regt through the hilly area to the right with the intention of developing an attack on Klinkerhoff. Over on the left Jamie had pushed the Cavalry forward after putting down smoke from their MRLS on the crossroads but was still moving cautiously. They didn’t have much luck with the rest of their Artillery though, failing to get any available batteries.

Move 3 saw the Poles gain another unit activation during the initiative phase which they gave to Terry’s infantry. They laid smoke across the front of the town and as Terry passed his activations, and so had a double move, he rushed up a couple of Companies towards Klinkerhoff under its cover. Over on the left my ‘forlorn hope’ defenders at the crossroads opened up on the cavalry with the platoon containing the Bill atgm firing on a AML-90 and missing.

Polish infantry rush towards Klinkerhoff under cover of smoke.
Polish infantry rush towards Klinkerhoff under cover of smoke.
Close up of the brave Mech Infantry charge.
Close up of the brave Mech Infantry charge.

Although the Poles won the initiative for the next move they had a nightmare with the dice, both failing to activate their units and failing miserably with their artillery requests too. Unfortunately I again failed to hit anything with my Bill atgm and I had equally rubbish artillery rolls but I did manage to let loose with my ATG that was located in the town once the smoke lifted, causing a quality check on one platoon before it was taken out by Terry’s supporting tanks.

Terry's tankers about to silence Austrian ATG.
Terry’s tankers about to silence Austrian ATG.

The next move everything got a lot more interesting with Jamie’s Fox Pltn laying down the hurt on my infantry and his AML-90’s taking out an APC, however the Austrian Bill chaps finally got their act together and brewed up an AML-90 in return whilst Terry started his initial assault on Klinkerhoff with an artillery barrage on the defended part of the town which only managed a suppression on one platoon. He debussed the infantry and came across the road and into a Close Assault on the right hand part of the town, unfortunately (and much to my surprise if I’m honest) the Landwehr company defending it managed to see them off without any loss to themselves at all. either destroying or QC’ing nearly a whole company of Poles and their APC’s – Miniman LAW’s are the way to go!

The Austrian ATGM finally get a hit on the Polish Cavalry!
The Austrian ATGM finally get a hit on the Polish Cavalry!

With the Poles still retaining initiative they ground forward, Jamie pushing his Cavalry up with more confidence but still not closing up too far, seeing the Cavalry’s Vickers mk.3 tanks come into view at last the Austrian Bill platoon fired and brewed one up before they and the remainder of the company decided to bug out (I did try to do this the previous move but failed my activation) embarking in their APC’s and legging it down the valley. Over at Klinkerhoff Terry prepared to assault the left hand part of town whilst pulling out the remainder of his first assault.

One of these Vickers is about to have a bad day!
One of these Vickers is about to have a bad day!

The next move was the last we had time for and was the bloodiest turn all night. Jamie finally got his mojo back (I think I had upset him by taking out a tank) and he pushed forward to take the crossroads whilst destroying all of my escaping APC’s – I had failed to scare up any artillery for a smoke barrage to cover this move. Bugger. Over at Klinkerhoff the plucky Poles piled forwards again and were bloodily repulsed once more – Terry having as much luck as me with his artillery.

Polish Cavalry in possession of the Crossroads
Polish Cavalry in possession of the Crossroads
The Polish Infantry Regt's reserve
The Polish Infantry Regt’s reserve
The situation at Klinkerhoff with the Poles in possession of one part.
The situation at Klinkerhoff with the Poles in possession of one part.

We have agreed to carry on the fight next week, we really didn’t get through as many turns as we expected as it has been a good few weeks since we had all played the rules so took a few turns to get into the groove again.

I was quietly pleased with how the scenario is going as it is the first time that I had put a game on at the club and the chaps seem to be enjoying it and they liked my Initiative and activation rules so looking forward to next week now to finish it off.