Club Night 07/07/15

I’m going to post pictures and a quick overview of the games I play at the South London Warlords on Monday nights, they won’t be detailed AAR’s to start with but that might change as we go along (hopefully).

First up was a great fun ‘Pony Wars’ game put on by Philip.

Rules were a homebrew set which were nice and easy to pick up with some nice character led touches to add nuance to the game.

Figures were 15mm – don’t know the maker I’m afraid.

The scenario was as follows.

I had to protect a group of women and children with travois as they slooowly moved towards a village. Also I had a band of ‘boys’ who were responsible for moving a herd of Ponies to the village as well. Stopping me doing this were 2 troops of Cavalry on table with a 3rd arriving randomly sometime during the game, and also entering the table at a random place. I also had 3 warbands of older braves, 1 of which was on table with the other two hidden in/behind terrain features ready to pounce when the Cavalry got close enough (again decided randomly by dice roll).

Things didn’t start well for me with my on-table warband failing to activate for 2 turns on the spin – due to their chief being classed as ‘Talkheaps’ so activation was harder, also rolling 1’s didn’t help! However the ‘boys’ turned on their pursuers and managed to slow them down whilst causing casualties. Luckily the Cavalry couldn’t catch ‘Talkheaps’ before he got his arse into gear and once he did the dice-spirits were extremely kind and the Longknives started losing men to some very deadly shooting (kept rolling 6’s which hurts a lot in these rules).

Things did look sticky for a bit when the Cav managed to score a few hits on me and the off table Troop showed up but the boys managed to wipe out the Troop that they were dealing with and the reinforcing troop got stiffed by one of my hidden warbands surging out of some broken ground. Talheaps was still taking chunks out of their opponents and pretty soon it was obvious that the Cav were in trouble plus the women and children had nearly made it to the village and so we called it.

The rules gave a good flowing game and Philip had devised a fun scenario which could have gone either way really. I’d love to play them again.

I had forgotten to take photo’s until a few moves in and I can’t remember what was happening when I did but the figures did look nice so a shame to waste them.

20150907_210138 20150907_210129

20150907_210115 20150907_210101

20150907_210044 20150907_210020

20150907_210005 20150907_204819

20150907_204804 20150907_204755

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