Brewing Up / Workbench no.2

So here’s what I’m working on now.

I made these KO markers yesterday for our FFT3 games, I was inspired by Philip’s ones in the game on Monday night and think they look a whole lot better than our usual ‘chuck a bit of cotton wool on the barrel’ approach. They were a piece of the proverbial, took about 15 minutes to do tops – rip up old bit of sponge from pan scourer to requisite shape, super glue to 10mm MDF square, whack some paint on, yer mum’s brother is called Robert. Really happy in how they’ve turned out.

20150916_123818 20150916_123927 20150916_123937

Based up some APC’s and infantry for my Modern project which I’m about to undercoat whilst finishing off last bits for the Austrians.


Just to show that I do do other stuff – here’s some Napoleonic types which have been lurking around for a while now and which I really need to get finished. More on these in a week or two.


Oh and my new paint rack from Warbases, how did I manage before I got this? My missus loves it too, she likes the way the colours are arranged (she is an artist so is a wee bit strange!).


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