Club Night Catchup 3: More Village based CoC

After the great game Des and I had we decided to have another go, this time expanding the game to 2 platoons a side. Again we went for a meeting engagement with both sides tasked with taking control of the village. Des and I were the Brits and Ian and Dan went German. We took a flamethrower, sniper and Vickers as supports but I can’t remember what the Brits had.

The game ended as a bit of a stalemate and the larger forces were a bit too much for a club night as we didn’t get through enough phases really. On my side of the field Ian and I fought ourselves to a standstill being separated by a road and neither of us able to get close enough although I was coming off worse casualty wise. Over at the other end of the village Des was initially pushed back by Dan’s landsers and things looked a bit dicey for a while until Des deployed his flamethrower and that was the force multiplier we needed to secure things!

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