Good week ahead……

Well after having a month off of all wargaming activity altogether until last Monday when I did manage to get involved in a game of CoC at the club (thanks Mike for letting me join in last minute),  I have a full weeks gaming ahead of me.

First up is a WW2 skirmish game at the club tomorrow being put on by Daren – not CoC though but should be good, apparently it is some recce types from XXX Corp trying to link up with some Polish Paras south of Arnhem. Then on Thursday it’s a trip to Mike’s to take part in a Big CoC game also with an Arnhem theme which sounds very interesting as I think it will be two linked fights going on at the same time. Then on Saturday it is one of the club Big Game Saturday’s and Des is doing another 1813 Napoleonic extravaganza which I am really excited about.

So a nice busy week ahead and I’ll be kept busy updating this!

I’ve also had a good think about what I’m doing with this blog and it has turned into just a log of games played – which is nice but I am going to try to use it to keep me on track painting wise, so I will try and do some posts about painting, modelling and project updates too which I think might help. Also it will keep me occupied as I’ve been a bit down recently (hence losing the painting mojo I think) and all of this hobby stuff does really help keep me sane until I can get back to work.


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