Club Night Catch up 2: CoC’ing about downtown

Des and I had a bash and went for a village fight for a change. We also decided that we’d do a meeting engagement and came up with a simple way of deciding the support points – we each rolled a d6 and the total of both was the amount of points that we had for the game. I went for a sdkfz.250 and recce team and a PzIV. Des had a 6pdr and a flamethrower!

Again unfortunately I can’t remember what exactly happened but it was a highly enjoyable game. FIBUA with these rules ratchets up the tension quite a bit and resulted in some very difficult decisions and a couple of great moments – at one stage I had the remnants of a section in the upstairs of a house whilst Des had a section in the ground floor but both of us avoiding the stairs to prevent any close combat starting! Des also managed to scare off my halftrack with Bren fire and was mightily upset that I managed to avoid both his 6pdrs and flamethrowers.

Anyway here’s some pics – buildings are 4ground owned by the club.

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