The Miniatures Page, what a mess.

I really couldn’t let the recent antics of the odious twerp that runs TMP go by without commenting (reading Frothers has been a hoot recently!). Over the past few days he has banned about 20 people and caused many more to leave with his ridiculous and slightly unhinged behaviour which has included having a pop at all British wargamers. I really can’t see why you would bother with it any more, especially if you aren’t an American as it seems everyone else (Tango aside) isn’t welcome. I’ll be giving it a wide berth from now on.

I look at it this way: TMP is like a pub that you go to initially because everyone else does. Soon though you realise that even though most people there are alright and the conversation is usually nice the views of the landlord and his cronies at the bar are truly unpleasant and any pointing out of this results in being barred, and speaking up in defence of people who are attacked by said cronies also gets you barred. Thankfully there are other, nicer pubs around (The Wargames Website in particular) where the vibe is a lot cooler, the locals pleasant and the landlord isn’t a vile xenophobic, egotistical maniac.

Banned from The Miniatures Page

I managed to get myself locked out of TMP just before Christmas.

To be honest I’m not that sad, I can still look at the site when I want, I just can’t post there anymore – it will reduce the traffic here somewhat but I reckon that is a price worth paying.

I had started to find the behaviour of the odious toad that runs it was not to my liking: the man’s a misogynistic, trolling, egomaniacal, anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, contrary turd. Indeed he does seem to be losing the plot somewhat these days as evidenced by his latest shenanigans over the sacking of the editors. He also has a Trumpian handle on the truth swearing blind in many posts that what everyone else knows to be the truth isn’t and his view is the only one that matters. I hope it costs him more of his supporting members and advertisers.

During a thread in which some people were stating their disgust over the continued allowing of racist language from some of the good ole boys on the site Armintrout obviously banned those who were protesting and after I sarcastically mentioned about his even handed approach to moderation I was banned too. Apparently it is OK to call for the death of people based on their religion, post links to holocaust denial crap or any other vile shite if you are one of his mates as that is that persons right due to freedom of speech but that same right doesn’t apply if you disagree with them. It shows him up for what he truly is.

To paraphrase a placard from the London Women’s March this weekend:

Bill Armintrout: I’d call him a cunt but he lacks both depth and warmth.