Club Night 08/05/2017: FFT3, Vilnius or Bust!

I have been busily painting up a couple of new forces for my Modern FFT3 project, concentrating on the Alt-History Lithuanians and the first part of the Soviet forces. As I had volunteered to get a game on and they were ready to go it meant that it was a no brainer that they met on the table.

The scenario was a simple one, a Motor Rifle Battalion reinforced by 2 Regimental Tank battalions and the Divisional Tank battalion was tasked with breaking through to Vilnius. The remainder of the Division was busy taking on the 3 Lithuanian Infantry Brigades whilst this force had slipped through and was launched at the capital. Unfortunately the Lithuanian Armoured Brigade had been deployed to prevent this happening. The Soviets would have a near 3-1 advantage in tanks and artillery but the Lithuanians had managed to throw up hasty defensive positions and lay a quick minefield to help boost their efforts, they also had 2 dug-in tank turret positions for the enemy to worry about. The Lithuanians were of better quality too, being rated Regular (QC4) vs the Soviet Conscript (QC 5). The Soviets were commanded by Dan and Daren, the Lithuanians by Phillip. Unfortunately due to having to umpire I didn’t get any time to take photo’s during the game so only have a few but here is the battlefield from the Soviet perspective (the dark squares on the 2 round hills are the dug-in Conqueror turrets):


I had allowed the Soviets pre-planned barrages for the first 2 turns which meant that they didn’t have to roll for the availability of their guns but were limited to 3 out of the 4 fire units available to each battalion. They used these to hit the 2 dug in Conqueror turret positions with a 152mm battalion shoot each whilst the 122mm battalion hit the front of the left hand wood behind the fields. Both turrets were supressed as was an infantry platoon in the treeline. Dan brought the first of his units on in a manoeuvre straight out of ‘Comrade Noakesavitch’s Instructions to Armoured Troops’: Belt some tanks straight up the road and see what happens, plenty more where they came from! So the ‘spare’ Regimental Tank Battalion was duly dispatched for this reconnaissance of death duty. Elsewhere, over on the left, Daren brought on the Recce company (one BMP-R and one BRDM-2 platoons) and headed for the wood just targeted in the barrage.

Vilnius defence
Lithuanian defence in depth. Lt Blue are Inf (‘M’ Platoon positions are Milan), Pink is Amd Cav, Red is Armd (coy on ridge at back is Mech infantry). Brown bit is the minefield.


The Soviets then piled more units on, the Divisional Tank battalion entering along the road whilst the other Regimental Tank battalion entered behind the recce company along with the BTR-70 battalion in a scary looking phalanx of Communist might. Their pre-planned barrages continued to hit the turret emplacements on the hills, knocking one out, and re-arranged some more of the lovely Lithuanian forest. However, no Lithuanian troops had revealed themselves yet although their artillery had supressed a T-72 platoon on the road. Phillip then gained the initiative off of the Soviets and, bagging himself 3 command pips, he duly called in a strike from his air support. This saw a plucky flight of Jaguars brave the Soviet air superiority and head straight for the mass of armour arrayed along the road. Unfortunately for Dan, he his AA assets were stuck at the back of the traffic jam and couldn’t prevent the attack from hitting home. When the dust had settled 2 T-72 platoons had to retire (failed QC checks) and another was supressed. One of the Lithuanian VAB/Milan vehicles also opened up on Daren’s attacking horde and ko’d the BMP-R from the recce company whilst an artillery strike supressed a couple of BTR-70 platoons and the BRDM-3 AT platoon. It was quickly dispatched by one of the supporting T-72’s though.


This suppression had a massive effect on the rest of the game as Daren consistently failed to roll high enough to clear the suppression and move the Motor Rifle Battalion more than half speed for the rest of the game – even when Daren spent one of their command pips he failed, a terrible sequence of 1’s and 2’s – which basically stymied his advance and the action here was limited to the BRDM -2 nosing close to the wood and shooting up an infantry platoon so bad that it retired (QC fail). The brave Recce chaps inside then spent the rest of the game calling in artillery fire on the wood that eventually caused another Lithuanian platoon to fail a QC roll and the survivors to retire back to their waiting VAB’s and start to bug out.

So the action was all over on the other side of the table and along the road in the centre. Dan was also finding it difficult to unsupress the survivors of the Div. Tank battalion and also get them moving again as they recovered from the air strike so swung the huge 5 company Battalion of T-72’s with their attached ZSU-23/4 and Engineer company off to the right aiming towards the hill with the now kaput Conqueror turret on. This manoeuvre was carried out well and shrugged off attempts to disrupt it from the Lithuanian artillery, which Phillip was having trouble calling in now, until all of a sudden the unmistakeable crack of tank guns were heard. One of the Lithuanian Chieftain companies stationed along the stream opened up and had caught the Soviets in the flank too and soon a few platoons of T-72’s were burning. The Lithuanian’s also opened up with their TOW launcher but this was not as successful, only causing one suppression I believe. Dan reacted bravely to this new threat, taking the Chieftains under fire with half the battalion whilst surging forwards with the survivors of the other half to gain the hill.


The return fire did well enough, causing a suppression, and the attention of nearly all of the supporting MRLS artillery supressed another platoon and caused one to quit the field. The arrival of a Hind really began to tip the balance though as it sat at the back of the battlefield immune from Lithuanian AA fire and started to pick off the Chieftains with long range ATGM fire. Meanwhile though the Chieftains were knocking out T-72’s so it was imperative that the companies of tanks heading for the hill got there quickly to help out. Unfortunately for them they ran smack into a dug in Infantry Company at the base of the hill, which saw some bloody close combat. This fight actually went a lot better that it could have done for the Soviets, admittedly they lost a few platoons but they did succeed in punching through and caused the Lithuanians to fail a formation check – probably due to the survivors watching the ZSU take out a platoon with ground fire. The T-72’s duelling with the Chieftain company had closed the range, bravely driving through a minefield to do so without a scratch on them, and with the help of the Hind had finally eliminated the last of the brave Lithuanian tankers.


In the meantime Dan had finally got the stuck remnants of the Divisional Tank Btln sorted out and the leapt off down the road whereupon they were duly ambushed by some Lithuanian Recce types hiding in the wood by the road junction, this resulted in another platoon gone and one more supressed. Phillip now started to move his second Chieftain company from its position on the right by the stream over to engage the T-72’s of Dan’s battered command. With time running out we decided that the Soviets had shot their bolt and would have to retire to re-organise before trying again as Dan’s units were all close to triggering formation checks which, given their QC rating of 5 might be tricky to pass and Daren’s were effectively out of the fight. Daren’s awful luck activating his chaps had a large bearing on the outcome we felt (as all the troops on the table were newly painted one lot had to have rotten luck as is the first law of wargaming) and we believe that the commander of his MR battalion was called to a ‘meeting’ with the Regimental Commander and the Commissar. Philip had lost half of his tanks and nearly half of his infantry but had held on just, medals all round, especially for the Jag pilot as we all enjoyed seeing one on the table!

Hopefully the game went alright for the chaps involved, and I’d like to thank them for taking part and putting up with my sometime befuddled handling of things – it’s been a while since I played the rules and I did make a few mistakes! I will be tweaking the activation rules a touch to try and prevent what happened to Daren’s force happening again. I’m hoping to put on a big FFT game at the end of the month so this helped an awful lot in planning for that. Cheers gents!






Polish Army

As I’ve done for the Lithuanians here is the full OOB for my Alt-History Poles. It is taken from the IISS’ 1994 Military Balance, the Army is as is but I’ve had to change the Air Force OOB as at this time it was still very ‘Warsaw Pacty’ with a large number of aircraft organised into regiments. To get the new one I combined the Polish Air Force of today with the Nigerian Air Force of 1994 (as Nigeria was the basis of the equipment mix for the Poles). To change equipment from the Soviet kit to Western kit I just looked up the Soviet type on Wikipedia, looked at the ‘See also’ section and picked a type from there, all very clever and scientific! The Border guard OOB came from the pre-WW2 force.



  •    4 Corp Hqs 
  •    10 Mech Divs (1 Reserve)
  •    1 Armd Cav Div
  •    1 Marine Bgde
  •    1 Armd Bgde
  •    1 Mech Regt (Pres. Guard)
  •    1 Mntn Bgde
  •    1 Air Asslt Bgde
  •    1 Inf Btln (SF)
  •    4 SSM Rgts    (10 launchers each)
  •    4 Attack Heli Btlns (5 Pzl.w4 Mangusta, 2 Pzl.2)
  •    4 Tactical Heli Sqdns (7 Pzl.w3 Sokol, 2 Pzl.2)
  •    1 ADA Bgd
  •    10 SAM Rgts


Border Guard

  •    6 Bgdes (6 Inf Btlns, 3 Cav Coys, Art Batt, Eng Coy)
  •    1 Mobile Grp (2 Inf Btlns, 3 Cav Coys, 2 Art batts)


Air Force  (aircraft numbers in game terms)

  •      2 GA Sqdns               @         9 Jaguar
  •      2 Ftr Sqdns                @         6 Mirage III
  •      5 FGA Sqdns             @         8 F-16
  •      1 Recon Sqdn            @         6 Mirage III
  •      1 LtGA Sqdn             @         6 Alpha Jet
  •      2 Trg/LGA Sqdns    @         6 L-39
  •      1 Utility Sqdn           @         6 A-109
  •      2 Lift Sqdns               @         8 Super Puma
  •      2 Lift Sqdns               @         6 Super Frelon
  •      2 Lt Trans Sqdns       @        10 Pzl M-28
  •      1 Trans Sqdn             @         9 G.222 Transport
  •      1 Trans Sqdn             @         4 C-130 Hercules Transport
  •      14 SAM base @ 4 Roland-1


I will post TO&E’s of the rest of the Army formations in another post but you can find the one for the Mechanised Divisions here:


Lithuanian Army

This is the second of my Modern Alt- History forces. I have decided that I would use the TO&E’s of the smaller Gulf States for the Baltic States as they seemed a good fit, being small divisional sized units and with a nice mix of kit that could feasibly be used by the Baltics. The actual size of each army has been altered slightly as I have taken the pre-WW2 forces OOB as a guide, turning infantry regiments into battalions for example and hence some slight changes might be made. As always I’ll be using Mark Bevis’ great lists available from the Wargames Vault for the lower level organisation. The air forces are taken from the Gulf State that is used as the ‘inspiration’. I chose Oman for Lithuania solely by dint that it had the largest population of the three (the others being Bahrain and Qatar).


Lithuanian Armed Forces


  • 1 Armd Bgde
  • 3 Motor Bgds
  • 1 Abne btln
  • 21 National Guard Battalions
  • 1 Engineer Btln
  • 2 Artillery Btlns
  • 1 Air Defence Regiment

Army Aviation (aircraft listed in game terms 1 = 2 actual aircraft)

  • 2 Lift sqdns @ 7 AB-205/212/214
  • 1 Scout Flt @ 1 AB-206

Air Force

  •  2 GA Sqdns   @ 7 Jaguar, 1 Recon Jaguar
  •  1 FGA Sqdn @ 4 Hunter
  •  1 LtGA Sqdn @ 4 Hawk
  •  1 Trg/LtGA Sqdn @ 6 L-39 Albatros
  • 1 Transport Sqdn @ 4 Skyvan 3M & 1 C-130H


TO&E’s (FFT3 so one base = platoon)

Armoured Bgde                                                         

  •  1 Cmnd Sultan/Land Rover
  •   1 VAb 6×6 VDA sp tw20mm adg

Cavalry Sqdn

  • 2 VBC-90
  • 2 Recce Inf (3 ar, lmg, law-80)
  • 2 VAB-VCI 6×6
  • 1 VAB 6×6/Milan-1

SP Art Btln

  • 1 Landrover FOO
  • 2 m109a2 sp155mm

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Armoured Btln

  • 1 Cmnd Sultan
  • 2 Tank Coys
    • 4 Chieftain mk 15
  • 1 Inf Coy
    • 1 weapons (2 60mmM, 2 MMG)
    • 3 Inf (3 ar, Lmg, 40mm gl, law-80)
    • 1 Stormer-12.7 apc
    • 3 Stormer-20 AIFV

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Mech Inf Btln

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd VAB
    • 1 Blowpipe team
    • 1 81mmM
    • 1 Combat Eng (3 ar, lmg, law-80)
    • 2 1ton LR
    • 1 Recce LR/mg
    • 1 LR/ITOW
    • 2 VAB/Milan-1
  • 3 Inf Coys
    • 1 Weapons (2 mmg, 2 60mmM)
    • 3 Inf (3 at, Lmg, 40mm gl, law-80)
    • 4 VAB

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Not a terrifying force by any means but the Chieftains, picked up from the Brits ‘cheap’ thanks to them introducing the Challenger, are not to be sniffed at. As the Army is a purely defensive force anyway it suffices as a mobile reserve unit. It could also have the Scorpion equipped Armoured Cavalry battalion attached but that is usually split between the 3 Infantry Brigades.


3 x Infantry Brigades                                                  

  • 1 1 ton LR/Landrover
  • 1 tw 20mm adg
  • 1 1ton LR

Armoured Cavalry Sqdn

  • 3 Scorpion

Recce Coy

  • 4 Recce inf (3 ar, law-80, lmg)
  • 4 LR/MG

Art Btln

  • FOO Landrover
  • 3 105mm Lt Guns
  • 3 1 ton LR

Mortar Btln

  • FOO Landrover
  • 3 120mmM
  • 3 1ton LR

3 x Infantry Btlns                    

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 Cmnd 1ton LR
    • 1 Blowpipe team
    • 1 81mmM
    • 1 Combat Eng (3 ar, lmg, law-80)
    • 2 Milan-1
    • 4 1ton LR
    • 1 Recce LR/mg
    • 1 LR/ITOW
  • 3 coys
    • 1 Weapons (2 mmg, 2 60mmM)
    • 3 Inf (3 ar. Lmg, 40mm gl, law-80)
    • 4 1 ton LR                            

The Infantry Brigades are purely defensive formations and are augmented by the following National Guard Battalions which may be attached as and when needed or left to defend their mobilization locations.

21 x NG Btlns                            

  • HQ Coy
    • Cmnd Iltis Jeep
    • 2 Blowpipe teams
    • 1 81mmM
    • 2 MMG
    • 1 Eng (3 ar, lmg)
    • 4 Trucks
    • 1 Scouts (4 ar/smg)
    • 1 Landrover LWB
  • 4 Coys
    • 3 NG (4 ar, 3 lmg, 40mm gl, c gustav)

And under Army HQ command there are the following units:

Abne Btln                                                                  

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 cmnd (4 ar/smg, law-80)
    • 1 81mmM
    • 1 LR
    • 2 recce landrover/hmg
  • 3 coys
    • 1 para weapoms (3 60mmM, 3 Carl Gustav)
    • 3 para (4 ar, lmg, 40mm gl, law-80, 2 snipers)

If deployed on land will use Trucks as transport

Eng Btln                                                                    

  • HQ Coy
    • 1 cmnd LR/mg
    • 1 Carl Gustav team
    • 1 recce LR/mg
    • 1 CEV
    • 1 Chieftan AVLB
  • 3 coys
    • 3 eng (4 ar, 3 lmg)
    • 3 1ton LR

Army Art Btln

  • FOO LandRover
  • 2 5.5’ Gun
  • 2 Trucks

Army Art Btln

  • FOO LandRover
  • 2 155mm fh-70
  • 2 Trucks                   

Army AD Regt

  • 3 40mm adg
  • 7 Rapier
  • 10 Trucks


I’ll be posting some photos as soon as the bases are finished (next day or so for the Armoured Brigade).

Salute 2017

I was picked up by Daren at 7 a.m. yesterday and I wasn’t feeling too great to be honest as my blood condition had chosen the past few days to be a complete bastard and make me feel shite so I was hoping that I would be able to last the day. A quick and easy drive across the water into Docklands saw us parked up right near an entrance to the Excel centre in about 20 minutes and so we were at our assigned table before 8 which was good. Dan arrived shortly after us and between the three of us we pretty soon had the game set up and we were munching on much needed Bacon baps and wondering where on earth the 4th member of the team, Tommo, was!

Tommo arrived at about 9 and after some much deserved ribbing he took over command of the NATO forces ready to cover the evacuation of the supplies at the Neustadt rail depot and to defend the river crossings from the Soviet breakthrough force collectively led by myself and Dan. I won’t go into the details of the game itself as it is still too painful! Suffice to say that the addition of 2 FV438 Swingfires, Warren’s brutal use of concentrated artillery and aggressive use of the Jagdpanzer Kannone’s ensured that what was seriously looking like a NATO defeat at one point ended in a defeat for the glorious Red Army.

It was really cool engaging with the people in the show who stopped by for a butchers or a chat about what we were doing. I didn’t hear a negative comment all day and there were some really nice things being said about the game with a lot of justifiable praise going to the excellent terrain made by Daren. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, we hope that you enjoyed it. One person said it was ‘elegant’ which I thought was really nice and completely understood where he was coming from and some lads from Germany took one look and said ‘is this game set in Germany’ which has got to be good! I did end up drawing people’s attention to the river though, I don’t think people realised that it was set between two tables which was a shame as I think it really is quite ingenious.

There was one interesting theme I noticed whilst talking to people, the younger punters were the ones that asked ‘is this Team Yankee’ whilst the older ones were happy that it wasn’t. There were a few people that mentioned that they might get their old collections out again which was nice and we also converted at least one chap to 6mm Cold War gaming, he re-appeared at the table with a great big smile on his face blaming us for the fact that he’d just spent £40 at H and R!

I got to meet a couple of people who said that they’d stop by which was cool too, really good to put faces to names and I got a chance to pop over to Baccus to talk about the Joy of 6 and grab some fliers but we didn’t get a chance to have a good look around the show ,which was a bit of a shame, as we were too busy running the game and chatting to people but from what I saw it looked like it was a good one. I did get to stop Richard from Too Fat Lardies as he walked past before the doors opened to say thanks for ‘Chain of Command’ and to have a quick chat about what is planned for it in the future, which was nice. Loot wise I just picked up some kit from a very busy Andy at Heroics and Ros and got a chance to have a look at their new Cold War infantry figures – I’ll definitely be putting in an order for some Brits and East Germans very soon. The day went very, very quickly and it was a great blast, apart from feeling knackered I even managed to head out for a beer and a curry with some of the other Warlords so my worries about staying the course earlier on were unfounded.

One last thing: I have to say many, many thanks to the three other chaps involved. Warren played a blinder and was a pleasure to play against as usual although he did pick on my lads quite unfairly! Dan was great to have as a teammate, apart from the many laughs our collectivism was unflinching even in defeat. Last but not least, Daren, who not only worked really hard making the game possible by his great terrain building skills but umpired the game too, we even forgave him for saying ‘we’ when referring to the Brits!

Gents it was a pleasure and a privilege, bags of fun was had and I am already looking forward to June and the Joy of 6.

Here’s some pics…

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Salute Game run through.

Yesterday saw myself, Dan and Daren meet up bright and early at the home of the South London Warlords to have a run through of the game that we are putting on at Salute this weekend. The game is set during the Cold War and sees an outnumbered British force holding a collection of river crossings in the face of a Soviet tank heavy force.

The rules we will be using are GHQ’s Micro Armour ones so the scale is 1:1, all the vehicles are GHQ and, bar most of the buildings, the terrain is hand made by Daren and it is quite something!

I won’t go into detail about the game as it was just a practice to see if everything was working ok and if the force balance was right but Comrade Noakesavitch and myself succeeded in breaking through to bring peace, prosperity and freedom to the poor oppressed workers of some more of Germany by the use of overwhelming numbers and firepower!

We have decided to add a randomly arriving force of FDR Leopard 1’s that have escaped fighting to the flank to bolster the NATO defences (there are already a platoon of JagdPanzerKannone available to the Brits) as well as a couple of FV438’s that I found in my leadpile as the 5 Chieftain’s currently assigned just weren’t enough! We have also decided that the point of the scenario should be the evacuation of the supplies from the rail depot by a convoy, hence why the crossings haven’t been blown yet.

It should be a cracking game so please stop by at table GG05 and have a look and a chat.

Any way here’s a lot of pics to give you an idea of what is in store, I might not get to take many on the day so there’s quite a few. First up some of the action then a slideshow of the terrain (you can click on the pics to see them bigger).

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Club Night 06/03/17: FFT3 bash.

As Dan and I found ourselves sans game last week, we decided to have another of our 6mm FFT3 ‘get some tanks on the table and have fun’ games. So My trusty Alt-history Poles and Austrians once more were about to engage in another round of battle. As usual we just whacked some terrain down, diced for what table edge we’d start on and got to it, simple meeting engagement with nominal objective of finding enemy and securing road network.

We each had a roughly same sized force with roughly equal number of tank bases, Dan had a slight advantage in infantry but I had the advantage of having a AT Heli which he didn’t, we both had aircraft support too.

We were using my house rules for activation, initiative and suppression with a slight twist, this time as an experiment we would be saving any unused pips from the initiative rolls and we only used a single d6 for testing for activation.

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Dan won the first initiative with a whopping 5 pips and wisely allowed me to move first and straight away the saving of the pips came into the game with Dan banking those pips for his next go. This has been an idea for a while as it seems a shame that you lose pips sometime, you might not have a chance to use them (first move being a good example) so why not save them up for later. I duly barrelled my Armoured car company down the road towards the far town and splitting my force into two halves advanced towards the stream on the left and to the ridge on the right. Dan’s first move was similar and things looked good for a nice even fight on both halves of the board.

First blood went to Dan as his Jeep/RCL recce chaps took out one of my AML’s then a couple of more were lost to deadly fire from M-60’s on the hill to the left. There wasn’t much other action during the first part of the game as the rolling hills made LOS hard to get shots off so we both jockeyed for position. Over on the right we had both halted on ridgelines overlooking the farmland and we tried to take the other under fire with me having the best of it as Dan’s Kurassier’s were just out of range and couldn’t reach my ridge, so my Vickers mk3’s and Striker attempted to pick them off – although my gunner’s sights were off a bit (Dan kept making the saving throws). Keeping one tank company on the ridge along with my Striker platoon to take on the SK’s I moved the other Vickers company and the infantry company behind the ridge towards the wood on the extreme right flank with an idea of using it to launch an attack from later, although I did suffer the loss of an infantry platoon by stupidly driving along the edge of the wood and straying into long range of the covering tank destroyers.

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Dan was initially having the best of it rolling for initiative and was using his pips to activate his artillery battalion each turn, which was doing a good job of supressing the tanks on the right hand ridge and the infantry by the stream on the left. My artillery support was woeful all night, with me only managing to call some in once or twice, the Austrian Electronic warfare chaps must have been playing a blinder, jamming my comms. My rolling was not any better when I finally secured the initiative and blew all my pips in attempting to call in an airstrike on the SK105’s, failing miserably and having the mission aborted.

Over on the left I managed to hit the stream without losing any vehicles from Dan’s good position on the ridge across the valley and de-bussed the infantry whilst one tank company started to probe along the streamline towards the village hoping to utilise the cover from the stream. Dan countered this threat by advancing an infantry and tank force towards the village which was very successful, my tank company was reduced to one surviving platoon hiding behind the village. Along the stream the action developed into a bit of a stand off as Dan didn’t want to move off of his ridge and I didn’t want to leave the cover of the stream so we both started trading shots but our respective terrain advantages prevented any knock outs taking place.

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I did keep the initiative from then on but usually only with a draw on the dice, using the odd point I did get for another activation which helped my advance off the right hand ridge, after I had finally seen off the covering SK105 company. This company moved forwards along with the company from the wood and engaged Dan’s units that had advanced against my probe along the stream, destroying or seeing off the tank company. My infantry positioned along the stream had used their APC’s 20mm to take revenge on the recce Jeeps, although they and their tank support had started to be whittled down by accurate Austrian artillery and direct tank fire and pretty soon there was nowt left after the surviving platoons bugged out due to formation tests although they did manage to take out one of the Austrian tank companies. This is where we had to stop due to time getting on, and the battle had begun to pivot around the central village, I had the upper hand on the right slightly whilst Dan had easily won the battle on the left so I conceded to a losing draw as I think I’d have pulled back if possible, Dan’s stronger infantry and their deadly BILL atgm might have tipped the balance.

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All in all it was a nice little fight, just about right for a quickly organised Monday night game. Dan was a cracking opponent as usual, not only sporting but a good laugh too. He liked the house rules, which was nice, as he said it added enough to the standard game without slowing it down and we both agreed that being able to save the pips was a positive change – Dan didn’t hold the initiative that much but his first two rolls were so good he managed to eke out his pips over many moves which helped in keeping his artillery going. I do really need to start painting some of my other 6mm kit to get another force together, will go Soviet next I think…