Back again, again

Well that’s been one of those great big lay-offs hasn’t it. I had a complete bout of cant be arsed at the end of last year and just didn’t have it in me to write anything up which is a shame as I’ve taken part in some great games but sometimes it just hits me. Anyway, I was hoping to start blogging again in the New Year but I’ve been suffering with a bastard of a chest infection which has really put me in a grump and I aint been doing much at all to write about. Admittedly I have also been getting stuck into Football Manager 20 quite a bit during this time too but hopefully things are on the up gaming and health wise now so time to get back on the keyboard.

There’s some good stuff in the offing at the moment so here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the near future…

I’ve just started a new CoC pint-sized campaign against Dan – ‘Old Hickory’ which sees the plucky lads of ‘Kampfgruppe Fuller’ take on some GI’s, first game was last night and expect a write up in the next couple of days and more to follow in due course. I’ll be also painting a few odds and ends to round out the supports for this and making a couple of models too, halftracks that have been left untouched for a couple of years now for example, as well as a couple of terrain bits.

As well as the above I’m going to be cracking on with painting 6mm Napoleonics and hopefully getting a few more playtests in of my rules as it has been a while since the last one and I’m eager to get back into this as I was enjoying it, however this might have to wait as…

Jonathan and I are putting on a FFT3 game at Joy of 6 this year and I’m responsible for making one of the forces involved. The game will be an alt-history bit of fun ‘updating’ WW2 Western Desert with ‘modern’ kit, readers with good memories might recall me mentioning that I’d oft thought of how cool this would be a long while back so I’m quite excited by it. I’m tackling the Axis forces so Marders, Centauros, VCCs and Leopards in desert schemes for me whilst Mr Ellison is having more fun putting Caunter Camo on Challies and Chieftains!

Apart from all this I’m looking forward to playing more of the IABSM/CoC mash up that Des came up with (and I helped in a small way) called ‘I Aint Been CoC’d Yet Mum!’ that was published in the latest Lardie Magazine. Hopefully we will get a campaign in using these some time this year as they give a cracking game (honestly, if you have the magazine you should really try them out!) and it also means we get to paly with Des’ lovely 15mm kit in the Shed o’war round his!

As well as all this great stuff myself, Des, Daren and Dan are planning on going to the Lardy day in Arnhem in October which we are all very much looking forward to and where we will be giving IABCYM a run out, hopefully using Daren’s fantastic 6mm Oosterbeek terrain and figures. That it will be a proper weekend away with a battlefield tour thrown in for good measure is fantastic too.

Last but not least and keeping things Lardy but not as far flung as Holland, Des and I will also be organising another SLW Lardy day in late October too. We will be posting the date and venue info in the next few days, we are meeting up tonight to go through a few things then will get the message out there and will be looking for people to come along and join in  by taking part in or putting games on.




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