Malaise, malaise….

I’ve been suffering from a post birthday fug hence no posts for ages. Nearly completely lost my wargaming mojo too. The worst point was losing my phone with pictures of the next fight in the CoC campaign with Des which made me want to not do the write up as it just didn’t feel right without the images. In bullet point style: the new Zug got mullered after nearly pulling off a draw and as the next fight also resulted in a pasting for my lads I conceded as there was no point carrying on – I just didn’t have enough men to left make a decent fight of it. Anyway it was all very enjoyable and Des and I have been enthused to maybe tinker a bit or come up with our own campaigns, so watch this space?

I’ll be posting a couple of club games up over the next day or so though – one from a couple of weeks ago of a cracking little IABSM action from France 1940 which is motorcycle sidecar-tastic and one from last night when we gave Des’ IABSM and CoC fusion a spin and found it was very good. I also managed to have a first playtest of my Napoleonic rules which also went well but will hold off posting about them until I have another go.

In other news it is Salute this weekend so everyone at the warlords is girding their loins for it and getting ready for two days of hard work and early starts!


2 thoughts on “Malaise, malaise….

    • Yes, things seem on the up somewhat mate. Hopefully see you tomorrow evening for a beer?


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