Happy New Year!

Just a quicky to say Happy New Year, I know it is a bit late but I always personally think the new year starts on the 4th as it is my birthday (hitting the half-century today!).

I am going to try and get back in the habit of doing the club night write ups again this year, no real excuse not to and I’ve missed some corkers over the past year. Mine and Des’ CoC Martlet campaign kicks off again on Monday and I can see us rattling through the remainder of it quite quickly over the next few months. Project wise I am planning to update my 6mm Cold War kit and get cracking on my 6mm Napoleonics so that will probably feature as and when bits get done. There are plans for us to take a couple of games up to Joy of 6 in the summer so that will be something to look forward to, will keep you updated as plans firm up. Daren has decided that this years build for him will be a Kursk game so we will probably take that to Colours later in the year (if it doesn’t make it to Jo6) and I’m sure it will be of his usual cracking standard.

Last year was a good one with some fantastic weekends away with the chaps running Martin’s beautiful ‘Sands of Sudan’ game at Vapnartak and the Ally Pally and as always great fun at Colours with Daren’s spiffing ‘hells Highway’ game, not to mention my visit to Jonathan’s in France. To all the gents involved in these shenanigans, many thanks as you all make what is a great hobby into a truly splendid one.

Anyway, I’m off with the Mem to the ‘Peanuts’ exhibition at Somerset House but before I go here’s hoping the dice gods smile on you this year, your brushes never lose their points and you never drink the paint water by mistake!

All the best.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Wishing you health and happiness in 2019 you deserve a break.
    Looking forward to many more games in 2019.


  2. Hi Iain,
    Happy New Year and happy birthday for last Friday. Ha, I like the ‘never drink paint water’, the number of times that’s nearly happened after my wife has put my mug of tea next to the water jar!

    You kindly offered me a ‘Press Pass’ to attend Salute this year, and I have now sorted out my arrangements and calendar for this year’s shows and would like to take you up on the offer.



    • Cheers JJ!

      Great news about Salute. If you ping me an email with your address I can arrange for the wristband to be sent to you. @hotmail.com. iainfuller (before that)


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