What’s going on?

Just a quick update as I haven’t been posting again. The main reason for this is that I haven’t played a game since the last time I posted as I missed the last week or two of the club and we are now on our annual August break so nowt to report on game wise.

Apart from falling back down the Rome: Total War 2 hole (using the fantastic Divide et Impera mod), I have been having a Napoleonic splurge. I’ve been painting some 6mm Baccus and have been really enjoying doing it too and have also been developing some rules, cos you have to have a go at least once and the world really does need another set of Napoleonic rules! I’ve been toying around with them for years but now have the basic mechanics set. So, I’ve been sort of busy and will be posting some pics of the tiny fellas as soon as I’ve finished some off and will chuck something up about the rules once I find someone willing to help me test them out!!



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