Bijou rant…..

I was having a look on Ebay earlier on and I saw that someone is trying to sell H&R Vickers Mk. 3’s for £1 each, unpainted. That’s 35p more than buying them from H&R direct, and the postage is more!

Stroll on!!!!

5 thoughts on “Bijou rant…..

  1. I have seen something not dissimilar here just the other day. While likely cheaper, in this case than a direct purchase, the poster hadn’t even taken the time to post what was included in the Napoleonic packs he was selling sale.


    • I refer you to my reply above. It sometimes seems people will buy anything from Ebay!


  2. Just had a bit of a spat with someone on a 6mm page who sells Scifi tanks for over £10 for four.

    I thinks that’s pricey and said so, he got a bit stroppy. 😀


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