Salute Swag

I forgot to put what I managed to acquire in my last post and as it is like a Wargaming Blog law to do so I shall rectify it straight away!

My major purchase was at Heroics and Ros (as usual), and mainly it was bits and pieces to round out my Alt-History Polish units now that I’ve eventually settled on a TO&E for them. So some Vickers Mk.1’s, Grizzly APC’s, some Fox’s and Ferret/Vigilant for some kitbashing. and some ARV’s and minerollers. I also got a bunch of T-62’s for my Soviet Tank Regiment as I’ve decided to go 3 platoons per company instead of 2 per company as in the rules as it was just bugging me, it’s just too restricting for the Soviet player and not ‘realistic’.

Vickers Mk.1 – old sculpt but ok especially as no-one else does one
Kitbash: Fox with a Ferret Vigilant turret posing as a Swingfire turret!

My ‘off list’ purchase with Andy and Ian was some of the new Sisu APC’s and a G.91. Both of which, in keeping with all of their new releases, are cracking little models. They will be soon appearing in a Baltic State’s armed forces pretty soon! Unfortunately I didn’t realise that the new Danish Infantry were available as I’d have had some of those too as I’m a big fan of the new sculpts. Yes they are a bit bigger than the old ones but are belting figures and great to paint and, if we are honest, the older stuff seems like its on its last legs.

Sisu APC, love the tyres and open hatch on this.
Fiat G.91 – sorry about the half arsed priming, just had some left on the brush!

I also bought an Austrian Infantry Booster pack from Baccus for some 6mm Napoleonic shenanigans that we have planned for later in the year. Nice figures and look easy to paint up so I’ll be looking forward to doing those sometime soon, and a bargain at 288 figures for £19.80.


Lastly while with Comrade Noakesavitch at the PSC stand he chucked me a box of their new 15mm T-55’s that he picked up as his buy-4-get-fifth-free. Daren has some Team Yankee kit that he picked up a couple of years ago in a raffle at the club and although we have absolutely zero interest in those rules (and even less after Dan and I watched the game being put on at Salute – nice enough models but tanks jammed together in rows and M109’s and Rolands on the table, niet tavaritch) we are looking forward to the release of either ‘I aint been nuked Mum’ or ‘Battlegroup NORTHAG’ rules to get them all on the table. I also got to check out the Armies Army range as well and they are lovely too so worth investing at a later date in some of that kit too.



5 thoughts on “Salute Swag

  1. We’ll have to disagree about the 2 or 3 stands per company bit for a ‘standard’ WP TO&E.

    Sorry you haven’t managed to dodge the gravity pull of the 15mm black hole, resistance is futile after all.



    • I’m just trying the 3platoons for the Sovs out at the moment Jonathan, if it unbalances things too much then at least I’ve got a new Battalion of tanks!
      As for the 15mm, I know it’s just too hard to not get anything! The models available at the moment are just too nice. It’s the one good thing to come out of the whole Team Yankee thing as the increase in interest has seen a rise in the kit knocking about. Check out the Armies Army range as it looked great, infantry figures were nice and vehicles looked great and not the ‘usual suspects’, they had a YP-408…..


      • Some Soviet TO&Es should have three stand companies and some two – mostly the Cat 2, and WP forces.

        I’ve been drawn into 10mm for my Ancients, etc so I’ll remain true to my first love….:)


  2. The Sisu looks to be a very good casting and I do like the open turret. I’m not familiar with the vehicle but it looks ideal for your alternate history project, based on a quick search.


    • Yep, it’s already slated for the Estonians but will be used in a real world Finnish force I’m planning too.

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