6mm Danish Armour, H&R DK-1 and DK-2

Just a quicky post as am a bit busy today painting some bits up. I have always fancied making a Danish Cold War army but never did so as no-one made the super cool looking Danish M41 upgrade, the DK-1. Therefore, it was great to see that H&R had done so and I saw a couple of sample models on display when we were at Joy of 6 back in July. So whilst I was buying some Soviet kit from Andy and Ian on Saturday at Colours I asked when the new Danish M41 and Centurions would be ready. Ian gleefully showed me a couple of boxes stuffed with the blighters and I just couldn’t resist getting a few (3 Cent’s and 1 Bulldog – best to start small!). I must say they are probably the best H&R models I’ve ever seen: lovely, crisp detail on them, you just know that they’ll paint up lovely! Its just annoying that I won’t need too many of them for my FFT Danes so they will definitely be drafted into my alt-history forces somewhere. It looks as if we are going to see some new cracking models released over the next few months. I, for one, am a very happy camper!

Here’s a few pics of the bare metal models for a quick preview, will do some more pics when I’ve slapped some paint on them.

The M41 DK-1, alright it still had a 76mm gun but just look at it. How cool is this!


And the Centurion DK-2, the only thing better than a Centurion in my opinion is an updated Centurion! And the Danes have done well with this…




10 thoughts on “6mm Danish Armour, H&R DK-1 and DK-2

    • They look splendid in 6mm Des! But yes they will do. There’s a few pics on the interweb of a 20mm DK-1 which are splendid mind.


    • It definitely has Chris. I reckon the turret is a good candidate for some kit-bashing as well. I’ve already tried it on the hull of the Centurion and it looks good there too. The sculpts are just fantastic, GHQ league in detail without the over-done look that some GHQ detail has if you know what I mean?

      Might we see either of these deployed in Gambusia soon……?


    • Yeah, they are really nicely done. I’m looking forward to getting some paint on them! All of the new kit is great I think. I’ve just ordered some of the Danish Infantry so watch this space for a review. Did you see the new Finnish Sisu APC in my ‘Salute Swag’ post? Now that’s lovely! Also have to agree on the device plus Andy and Ian are a couple of lovely blokes to boot.
      By the way, I really enjoy your Modern Spearhead posts, makes me quite intrigued by the rules.


      • As you probably have noticed I use Heroics & Ros. Very happy with them.

        I’m pleased your are enjoying the posts. Always good to have positive feedback. I’ve added a link to your site on my main site. For some reason I hadn’t seen you blog before today.


  1. Of course – if you do the Danes, Leopard A1’s with applied astro-turf camo are a must.


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