Just a quickie to show what I picked up at the Joy of 6 the other week (I would have done this sooner but had a terrible time of it health wise last week but feeling better now).

First up from H&R, enough kit to do the ‘teeth’ of a Soviet Tank regiment for FFT3. T-64’s and BMP-2’s. Both are nice models in my opinion, the T-64’s are primed and I should have both tanks and IFV’s done by the end of the week.


I was also picking up some planes and helicopters from Jonathan that he had going spare, I definitely needed the Soviet kit as I was lacking air support for my growing forces. Need to maybe do some repainting and slight repair work on them and add ‘my’ flight stand fixtures but not a bad haul for £15, cheers Jonathan!


4 thoughts on “Swag!!

  1. Do like the Heroics BMP2s and with the Su25s providing ground support they will be a bugger to stop. 🙂


    • Yeah, they are nice.

      I’ve decided to do one Regt in H&R and one in Scotia for my Soviet forces, I like the Scotia T-72’s more than the H&R ones I have but I think the H&R BMP’s are nicer too.

      And I’m hoping that they will be soon liberating swathes of Capitalist-Imperialist Europe very soon!


    • I might need them for the beast helicopters Jonathan, not sure that my ones will cope with them!

      I’ll give them back if I do decide not to use them though, but many thanks for including them.


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