Club Night 24/04/17: Return to Chukkawanna Creek

After the exertions of Salute it was nice that Philip was putting one of his Plains War games, they are always fun and nice and straightforward, just what knackered wargaming types need!

The scenario was a unit of Cavalry with an Infantry company attached was tasked with escorting three wagons across the table. Unfortunately for them an Indian village was present near the ford and they would not look kindly to the transit of said wagons. Myself and Terry took the side of the US whilst Dan and Stephen took the Sioux (Dan had to apparently as they are ‘Red’ Indians and I think he was still smarting from our defeat in the Salute game). Philip also told Terry and I that if we wanted to steal the pony herd near the village and burn the village down ‘in the best traditions of the service’ then that would be ok too. In between us and the creek though were a number of places where the pesky Indians could spring ambushes so we had to be somewhat careful.


Dan wondering where to deploy the Hinds! Each of the dice is a possible ambush position.


A simple plan was hatched. Terry would take the more experienced troops, the Crow scouts and the infantry with the wagons and head straight for the ford. I’d take the 3 greener troops and aim for the village to the right of Terry’s troops hoping to spring attacks from the potential ambush positions there and hence reduce the numbers attacking him. This didn’t really work as we wanted to. It quickly became apparent that there were a lot of Sioux across the creek and they started moving towards us in a fantastic looking wave of horses and feathers. Pretty soon Terry seemed in trouble with the bulk of the Indians taking on his forces which were slowly being whittled down, helped a lot by the very faulty cartridges that his lads were using that meant nearly every time he fired he caused no casualties (he rolled a quite incredible 5 1’s on the trot using different dice too!).

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I seemed to be doing better on my side of the field, although I didn’t have as many bands to face so managed to outnumber one to soundly beat it eventually. However after seeing off the Crow Scouts and one of the Cavalry troops the Indians transferred a couple of bands over to take my lads on, pretty soon one had been routed off and another wiped out. With Terry’s column also virtually wiped out or skedaddling too the game ended in an overwhelming victory for the Sioux.

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Many thanks to Philip for putting the game on, it was tons of fun and even with Terry’s awful shooting the game wasn’t a complete walkover for the Indians – the rules worked really well and the game felt right.



4 thoughts on “Club Night 24/04/17: Return to Chukkawanna Creek

  1. Lovely looking game that sounds like great fun. I like the sound of your rules – do you know where I might find a copy of them?



    • Unfortunately the rules are a homebrew set developed by Phil from another set, and I don’t know which one. I could ask him if he has a file I can share if you want. They do give a cracking game so would be good to share with people.


      • Hi Iain, if you could have a word with Phil, I’d be very grateful. Seems like there aren’t too many commercial sets for battles as opposed to skirmish.
        From googling Crazy Horse’s Fury after I saw your blog, I gather they might be based on Red Actions, a Russian Civil War (!) set, but the yahoo group it refers to seems to be effectively defunct.


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