Hello again!

I haven’t given up on the blog, just have been lacking the mojo to update it and to do much in the way of any wargame related stuff in general if I’m honest. I’ve not been feeling too great recently and hence not been up to doing much.

Having the new computer hasn’t helped as I’ve been spending far too much time on a couple of new games – the truly magnificent Combat Mission WW2 games from  (if you like WW2 try a demo, you won’t be sorry! http://www.battlefront.com) and AGEOD’s Wars of Napoleon which is close to being a great game too, it just needs some annoying wrinkles ironed out. Apart from these taking up time there’s always my continually doomed attempts to get the glorious West Ham United to the top of the football world with Football Manager. I have also been stymied in getting photo’s onto my new machine by some technical crap that I couldn’t figure out but have now found a way to do it so can start catching up on the backlog.

Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit better now so I’ll get cracking on some new posts over the next few days and have even got a major painting urge too so onwards and upwards.


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