2016 round-up.

I know I am late with this and that the past years wargaming shenanigans are documented here on the blog but I just wanted to say a few things about the last 12 months and what there is to look forward to over the next year.

First up I have had an absolutely great year on the gaming front, it has really helped me get through the sometimes awful crappiness of being stuck at home especially when not feeling great. A huge part of this is down to the great chaps who I’ve had the pleasure to have played against, and a special mention has to go to the denizens of ‘Historical Corner’ who have become more than opponents, they have become proper mates. It has been an absolute pleasure gents, here’s to more of the same this year.

So highlights of this year:

Vapnartak Show in York – a great weekend away with the chaps and a great start to the year.

Des’ Big Game Saturday games – the Leibertwolkwitz game was truly a thing of beauty and an absoluter pleasure to be a part of, the ACW one was tough fight but also a great day and the recent Quatre Bras game didn’t disappoint either (more about that later…).

Chain of Command – possibly one of the best rulesets that I’ve ever played, and getting people involved in games and playing in them has been a lot of fun, even making the models hasn’t been too bad (thank you Plastic Soldier Company).

Marengo at Martin’s – this happened when my laptop gave up the ghost and I will be putting a report up over the next few days, but a great days gaming in Martin’s fantastic shed o’war and another magnificent spectacle.

Getting banned from TMP! More of that coming up next…

Things to look forward to this year:

I am helping Daren put on a 6mm Cold war game at Salute this year which we will be taking on the road to a couple of shows – aiming to go to the Joy of 6 in Sheffield and at least one other show to be decided on soon. I’m really looking forward to this as it will look the dogs nads!

I’m now involved in a ACW campaign at the club and after taking part in one battle so far can’t wait to get stuck into those damn Yankees again!

CoC campaign against Des. We plan on tackling the Scottish Corridor Pint Sized job from the Lardies and are due to start soon, hopefully I can do better than last years mullering I received from Mike in Operation Martlet.

I forgot yesterday – me and the mem are off to Vienna sometime in the spring. I’ve been before and was immensely upset when visiting the military museum there that the 1800’s gallery was closed for refurbishment so that’s deffo on the to do list. If possible I might see if I can finangle a trip out to Aspern-Essling or Wagram too.




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