Sharp Practice 2, First Impressions

Ian purchased Sharp Practice 2 at Colours last week and Mike swiftly borrowed them on Monday. I had to pop round to his a couple of times this week to borrow some magazines and return them so had the perfect excuses to get a couple of games in whilst I was doing it.

Obviously mistakes were made and the games didn’t flow very well at first but by the end of the second game things were flowing very well indeed. It is one of the things that I really love about Lardies rules, once you get the activation rules you can get cracking along with the game. The nice and straightforward shooting and melee mechanisms are also easily learnt so that after a few moves you can cut down the amount of referring to the charts in the rules. On the downside, again typical for TFL rules, if you are looking for confirmation about something in the rules sometimes it can be a bit hard to track down exactly where it is in the rules, and a comprehensive QRS with the rules would help immensely. Having said that though the Lardy ones have done it again, just like after playing Chain of Command I’d be more than happy to have another go at these, indeed Mike reckons that this version has been influenced in somewhat by CoC (which is obviously no bad thing!). We played both a Napoleonic and early ACW game and both played very well using the same rules whilst seeming right for both periods. The games have a lovely flow to them and are fun to play too, also once you get a few games under your belt and start to use the more nuanced elements of the system I think that they will be even better.

It looks as if I finally have the justification for getting those lovely 25mm Perry Confederation of the Rhine figures now, indeed I can’t see a reason not to! Curse you Lardies, curse you for doing it again!!!


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