Club Night Catch-up: East Front CoC Fistfight

Due to all the PC/Interweb and personal problems I’ve had over the past month or so I’ve not been able to keep up to date with my Club Night write ups. In an attempt to get back into the groove here’s the first of a few brief catch up posts – I won’t be able to remember details but there’ll be some nice photo’s….

After Philip and I’s previous dust-ups we decided to have another go at it and this time Philip failed to roll up any decent support points so this would be a standard infantry platoon fight backed up with a HMG on each side. This fight was bags of fun with both Philip and I aggressively pushing to take each others JOP’s and it involved tons of close combats which resulted in the usual destruction of one side or the other. I just about managed to come out of it as the ‘winner’ breaking his morale but as mine was down to 2 points I too failed to win due to being the defender in the scenario.

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