Club Night 25/04/16: CoC, Fight for Collective Farm 287. Take 1.

I was facing Philip this week who would be taking part in his first solo game of Chain of Command with his new Soviet force of a regular Infantry Platoon. He was attacking in an attack/defend scenario and I was facing him with a regular Heer platoon. We did the usual thing of getting the table set up and then dicing for which side the attacker came in from which resulted in Philip attacking along the table.

Philip rolled well for his support points and with his 3 extra points managed to get 12 so he went for a T-34/76, a pre-game barrage, a Commisar and an extra LMG team (we sort of fudged the points for the last two as we couldn’t find out what the commissar was supposed to be for so were treating him like an adjutant and he didn’t have a HMG but did have a spare lmg team). This gave me a respectable 6 points which I spent on an Adjutant (obviously), a 81mm FOO and an entrenchment for a team (more on this later). We both rolled up 9 morale points and then got going with the patrol phase. Comrade Andrewski started off with 4 free moves and advanced his markers on a broad front but getting along the table well. I didn’t have the best patrol phase and was not entirely happy with with my JOP’s. However this had no bearing on the game that followed as it turned out.

The battlefield looking from the German position. Circular things are shell hole craters.

Philip started off by deploying a section into the field to the left of the haystacks who went tactical straight away. He then put another section by the JOP on the table edge on the far right of the table on the other side of the haystacks. I did get a double 6 throw next but decided to wait to deploy my lads, not wanting to draw fire too quickly – this mistake probably cost me the game as I had forgotten that Philip had the pre-game barrage and I should have tried to get troops on as quickly as possible. Philip’s lads over on the edge of the table then started to move up heading for my JOP on my right flank. To counter this I tried to get a section and my FOO out but was prevented by the hellish Russian barrage (and my inability to finish off my CoC dice to end the turn!). Just to rub it in the T-34 turned up as well and the Senior Leader.

Philip’s lads charge forward for Mother Russia as Stavka-hand deploys their illustrious leader.
I learnt to REALLY hate these guys. Tanky gets on board too.

I eventually managed to get one section on the table, which was just as well as the advancing chaps were really close now having made it out of the field and hence controlling my right hand JOP. I managed to get a pretty crap volley off as soon as I deployed which managed to slightly annoy the Soviets milling about near my JOP then I suffered from some of the deadliest shooting that I have ever witnessed.

A section manages to get through the deadly Russian barrage only to suffer from equally deadly rifle fire.
I do manage to worry the Sovs slightly with some return fire.

The Russians in the field let loose and piled the hits on, with the hits from the advanced section as well, I started to suffer quite a bit of shock (5) and a couple of casualties. I managed to give a half-arsed reply in my next go but Philip then got a double 6 allowing the crack shot section in the field and the advanced section to pour on some amazingly deadly fire on my section leaving me with 1 man and the junior leader standing. With 7 shock also accrued it was no surprise that they got on their toes and legged it straight off the table!

Romeo Lima Foxtrot!! My lads head west pretty sharpish.

Philip then took the JOP on the right and ended the turn, my morale at this point was down to 4 and with his T-34 about to run over my JOP on the left I decided that there was no use carrying on and conceded – to much mirth and merriment from Philip and the watching Dan! An absolutely fantastic feat of arms by the Russki’s forcing me to retire whilst suffering about one casualty – a mixture of the barrage and some truly magnificent small arms fire did for me, oh and forgetting that I had an entrenchment for a team might have contributed too as it would have definitely cut down the casualties somewhat!

Just being unfair, the T-34 threatens another JOP.
Some brave sons of mother Russia liberate a shell hole from the tyranny of a fascist JOP.
Gits. The lot of them. The best shots in the whole Red Army.

As we had only been playing for about an hour we decided to go again – exactly the same set up as last time with same supports – but would the result be the same …….



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