Salute 2016

I’ll be going to Salute tomorrow for only the second time ever. Last year I went and reconnected with the South London Warlords and am mightily pleased I did so as I’ve had a great year really getting back into wargaming properly, I’ve played in some great games, painted quite a bit of stuff and made some good friends along the way too.

This year I am working on the early shift – up at 5 and out the door by 6! – which is good as I can get to have a look around after I finish around 11, and I have arranged to meet up with someone as well. I am also tentatively thinking about popping along to the bloggers meet up but might wait until next year for that.

I have decided that I am going to be good and not get too much stuff, only if it finishes off a couple of projects that need a few bits to finish them. To this end I was hoping to get some bits and pieces from H&R to finish off my alt-history Poles but they won’t be there now which is a bit of a bummer. I do need to get some 20mm WW2 Brits to complete a platoon for Chain of Command so might be paying a visit to Capitan Games or SHQ whilst PSC will definitely be hit for some goodies – got to get a Bren Carrier and a 6pdr at least! One thing I must stay away from is ancients, I have got a real bad urge to get a 15mm Pontic Army which is getting really bad – blame lies firmly with Rome: Total War which I’ve been playing a bit too much of lately!

Games wise I am looking forwards to the ‘Tyros Keller’ Cold War game and will probably find a few others that take my fancy too. One I must mention is the Gun Run (from the Royal Tournament) game being put on by some of the chaps from the club. It will be a great hit I reckon, really ingenious and looks absolutely fantastic to boot.

I just have to remember to charge the phone up for some pics!

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