Club Night 15/02/16: Big CoC, Germany ’44

Right I have to pull my finger out as I have a rather largish backlog of games to report on – damn you ‘Operational Art of War’ – I knew I shouldn’t have loaded you again!

This game was put on by Ian and saw us try out Big CoC for the first time.

Myself and Daren were in command of a British Sherman troop and Infantry Platoon respectively and were tasked with clearing a village of a couple of platoons of Germans. We did really well in the patrol phase and managed to keep one of the German platoons JoP’s quite a bit further back than where they wanted to be, although the other one was safely ensconced in the village whilst our infantry platoon had a great positions for starting the attack.

The British Objective, a ruined village in France. German JoP just visible in field to the right, one is behind the Coke can, two more in the village.

To be honest not much really happened of any note in the game, and my memory of it is a bit on the hazy side, apologies. I pushed my tanks forwards to start taking on the German infantry that fired at the infantry advancing through the field on the left as they were taking some serious fire from the houses on that side of the village. I ended up losing one tank to a Panzerschreck ambush then Daren called in the mortars to neutralise the infantry there which probably saved the infantry section as they were suffering quite badly.

I then started to move my tanks over to the right flank to try and help out there where we were slowly moving the rest of the infantry up to try and take the JoP in the field. Mike eventually deployed one of his sections there once we got too close and some volleys were exchanged but then we ran out of time.

We all agreed that taking on Big CoC was definitely wasn’t anything to worry about, as long as you treat it the same as regular CoC and relax you will slip easily into the groove and get suck in with no problems (what?).

Seriously though, the occasions when one of us got double 6’s didn’t slow things down at all really as the lack of actions that they cause means that sometimes the next set of dice can be used before your partner has moved all of his units – especially if you only have 3 tanks and he has a full platoon and supports!! We also again saw the effectiveness of off table mortars, to be fair the Germans did try and end the turn but Daren had a CoC dice built up quickly and managed to negate it. Here’s the few other piccies I took before my phone ran out of juice.

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