Club Night 25/01/16: CoC ‘Training’ game

Last Monday night saw me put on a game at the club for Des and Daren to have a go at Chain of Command, Mike was also having a game with Ian to help him get to grips with the rules too – ‘spreading the Lard’ I believe it is called!

I’m afraid I only took a few photo’s as my time was pretty much taken up with answering questions about the rules, checking rules myself and giving suggestions to both players. The scenario was an attack/defend scenario with Des’ Motor platoon attacking Daren’s PanzerGrenadiers. Des had a Sherman in support and had also plumped for a 3′ Mortar battery, Daren had an extra ‘schreck team and an 81mm mortar FOO.

I had shamelessly lifted the terrain from the game we played the week before but added a couple of standing crop fields for extra cover.

The game went well although we didn’t manage to end a turn and the chaps were picking it up by the end of the night. Des did really well in the patrol phase and managed to get a great close in flanking position for one of his JOP’s. I think that I might have done Daren a disservice in explaining the patrol phase as I didn’t mention that it is there to also prevent your opponent gaining ground and he stopped moving when he secured his own defensive positions. However, one advantage was that the action got going very quickly.

Des started off and deployed a section to take the building under fire and a section in the flanking position. Daren countered by putting a section in the house and one in the wood to cover the flanking manoeuvre. Des actually got the better of the two firefights, I had made his lads Veteran to offset the firepower advantage the Germans had with their two mg teams per section. Over on the flank Des really got going making a successful grenade attack on Daren’s section which caused him to retire due to taking heavy casualties and shock – he did roll particularly bad dice for hit effects every time!

After Des brought his Sherman on and put it on overwatch overlooking the house Daren wisely decided to abandon it and safely got his lads out the back whilst taking some shock from Des’ 2′ mortar, Des was being frustrated in a lack of 1’s to get his 3′ going though (luckily for Daren). Whilst Des was moving his men up towards the house Daren played a CoC dice and sprung a skilful ambush with a LMG team to the rear of Des’ forward section causing a few casualties. Des then finally got the mortars ranged in and had just started the barrage when we had to end things due to time being up.

Even though we didn’t get through a turn we did get through a good number of phases and more importantly both Des and Daren really enjoyed the rules – so much so that they both asked me the next day if I wanted a game the next Monday! The game also caught the interest of some other chaps at the club so we might be spreading the lard even further with a bit of luck.

The battlefield. Germans defending end nearest the camera.
The battlefield. Germans defending end nearest the camera.
Peek-a-boo! Germans decamp from the house.
Peek-a-boo! Germans decamp from the house.


British section goes tactical during advance on the house.
Des’ flanking rifle section.


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