Happy Birthday to me!!

Well, today I hurtle further into middle-age and another year closer to holding my bat up to the pavilion, only 3 more years to go now!

I went out with my very good mate Greg yesterday for some lunch and he gave me a very nice present with the rejoinder “as I know you like that wargaming stuff”: A Waterloo Medal! Not an original obviously but a nice bronze repro job, what a cracking present though, top bloke that Greg.

I’m supposed to be off with the mem this afternoon to see the new Star Wars film but might have to put the kibosh on it as I’ve got some finishing off on my German platoon to do for a game of Chain of Command down the club tonight – basing. I had a rough time health wise last week so I’m behind on getting them finished and it is our first CoC game at the club.

I’m hoping that I get my pressies to me from me today too as I’m waiting on a couple of figure orders to finish off the support teams for said Jerries.

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