Happy New Year!

Well another year done and dusted, and one in which my wargaming has properly taken off again, which I’m really glad about.

Since I decided to go to Salute and got back in touch with the Warlords I haven’t really looked back – even having a bone marrow biopsy didn’t stop me from getting down to the club one Monday! In fact I reckon that getting involved with the club again has actually been beneficial health wise as it has given me something to focus my energies on which I have been missing since I have been unable to work. Apart from the impetus it has given me to get cracking on the collecting and painting side of things I have made some good friends and taken part in some really enjoyable games so thanks to all at the South London Warlords – much appreciated chaps!

So what is my plan for the New Year. Chain of Command, and lots of it probably! I’ve got all the figures for my German platoon and supports now so just need to finish off the painting of those which should be done quite quickly. I’m probably going to get a British force next so that will be the next project but I will be mixing that up with some Napoleonics for General de Brigade, I’ve got quite a stash to paint up and am determined to get some done – I just lost my mojo for them these past few months. I’ll also be adding to the 6mm Cold War kit I have, still have a few bits and bobs to do for the Austrians and Poles and will be adding a new force or two sometime over the year. The only new thing that I have a mind to do is to start a Spanish Civil War force (again for CoC), something that I’ve wanted to do for ages.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this blog too, again it has really helped me deal with my situation and made me remember just how much I enjoyed writing. I have been pleasantly surprised that nearly 1,500 people have ‘visited’ since I started back in August – even though only 2 people have ‘liked’ anything! I’d like to say a big thank you to all who have taken the time to have a look at my ramblings and I hope that you have enjoyed the words and pictures and will come back for more over the coming year.

So, here’s wishing you all a great new year and may the dice gods smile on you (well, at least once eh!).

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