Workbench no.4: Panzer Grenadiers

Since I got the dreaded lurgy a couple of months ago my painting output virtually stopped altogether, no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get into it – sum total has been one 6mm Drakken for my Austrian force, shite basically.

So, it has been nice to get the jazz back for painting again. There are two reasons for this I reckon. Firstly I have been put on a drugs trial for my Polycythaemia which has meant that I have stopped taking the chemo drugs that I’ve been on for the past 3 years which seems, touch wood, to have given me back some energy. Secondly, I have discovered the joys of Chain of Command by the Too Fat Lardies and have been so enthused that I’ve bought enough kit to make a late war Panzer Grenadier platoon. (If you are into WW2 and you haven’t tried these rules out, give them a go as they are seriously great, one of the best rulesets I’ve played).

They will initially be used as 21st Panzer in Normandy as it looks as if me and a couple of the guys at the Warlords will be playing through a couple of the Pint Sized Campaigns in the New Year, so I’ve also bought a couple of their funky French half-track conversion jobs!

The figures are a mixture of Blitz, which are really, really nice, and AB, usual great work by Mr Barton. They both go really well together and I’ll be happy to mix them within sections to get variety. I’ve also bought a couple of MG teams from SHQ, which are OK figures but seem a bit on the thin side next to the Blitz and AB’s so not sure if I’ll keep them yet – I’ll paint them up first though and see how they look then. I’ve got some more figures on order, some Fantassin/Warmodelling/Capitan, some Kelly’s Heroes and more Blitz so I’ll have enough for a platoon and all of the support options. I’m hoping to get the whole lot done by the new year, I reckon that’s a realistic target.

Here’s a few pictures of the initial paint-slapping. I’m trying to go for the scruffy, differently kitted out, veteran look so uniforms will be a mix of Field Grey, Camo and Brown Violet. I’ve done a basic skin, jacket, trousers, headgear job on this batch so the next session will be adding camo and then equipment (I have done the equipment on a few figures to test out colours so I’ve a head start there!).

The half tracks are from Ready to Roll and are quite nice. The Somua with the Pak 40 was a bit of a faff to put together as for some reason the spigot that should have been on the bottom of the breech to allow placing on the pedestal in the fighting compartment had been cut off so a bit annoying, also the photo of the model on the website didn’t have the gun-shield on it so that caused a wee bit of confusion – good job we have the internet!

Somua with Pak 40 – who needs a Hetzer!
Unics half track. I’ll be starting on this next week.



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