Painting plan and revised Napoleonics…

Right, I’ve just realised that I haven’t been near the painting desk for a few weeks now due to one thing and another and have had a good hard word with myself and will be getting some serious painting done over the next few weeks.

Since taking part in the big Dresden game recently I have had a complete sea-change with regards to what I’m going to do with regards to Napoleonics and will be now focusing my 15/18mm efforts on building up historical units for General de Brigade, this will mean some rebasing of what I already have painted plus a bit of repainting here and there. I also recently acquired a good bit of swag from Des at the club so have a few battalions worth of Duchy of Warsaw infantry to get started on too.

So the plan is now to build a Duchy of Warsaw Brigade and also to build the Rhinebund Regiments. (I’m going to put my ‘heretical’ idea on the back burner and am thinking that it will be best done in 10mm anyway).

I’ve also got a few bits and bobs from my modern forces to finish off in between to keep things interesting.

I’ll get some photo’s up once things have moved on a bit.

3 thoughts on “Painting plan and revised Napoleonics…

  1. You don’t need to totally drop the Imagi-Nation, my French 7YW force has 4 brigades, of which 1 is my Iamgi-Nation’s 4 foot regiments, the Guard regiment is with the Grenadier Brigade and the cavalry is split among the various French horse brigades. Hardly noticed in the bigger army, pulled together its a nice little force for a small or scenario game.


    • Oh no, I’m not going to do that, the Luxembourg chaps look too nice and their flag is lovely too. Also have the flags for Pfalz made up so will have to do them sometime down the road too, just thinking maybe just do some historical stuff .


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