Club Night 19/10/15: General de Brigade, Fight for the Bridges.

As this did happen a few weeks ago now and I was feeling quite woozy at the time I won’t try and remember the exact course of events but give a general overview and show the pretty pictures!

Des and I were Austrian and were tasked to control the majority of the bridges to gain victory, Ian and Martin were French tasked to do the same. It ended up with the French making it over to our side of the river and us being pushed back. The French light cavalry did particularly well against our Husaren, but did jam a couple of dice throws. The infantry assault did take out one of our infantry battalions but then got chewed up a bit in return.

It was a nice tactical problem that Martin put on made all the nicer as we used his fantastic Revolutionary Wars period figures (not sure but might be AB?).

20151019_195921 20151019_195926 20151019_195938 20151019_200059 20151019_200803 20151019_200817 20151019_201832 20151019_201844 20151019_203535 20151019_205456 20151019_214613 20151019_214623 20151019_214635 20151019_214649

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