Back in the room ………..

Oh well, not a good start to the whole blogging thing – sorry for the hiatus but I’ve had a bit of a bad month hobby-wise. We’ve had people staying over which put the kibosh on anything for a week and after that I sort of lost my mojo due to a mixture of no club nights (the Warlords go all French and the club is closed for August) and my poxy disease playing up and making me feel like shite for a good couple of weeks (when this happens I really can’t function well and spent my time playing Football Manager and being miserable).

However, I’m back in the groove and have had a few good games over the past couple of weeks both at the club and at a clubmate, Mike’s, wargaming abode (I’ll be posting some pictures up in a minute) also I’m putting on a game next Monday so that has concentrated my mind into getting some things finished.

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