Workbench no.1

As I’ve done enough prattling on for now, I thought I’d have a go at bunging up some photo’s of what is on the workbench – also Sparker on TWW asked to see these so here goes! (Pictures done on my phone so apologies in advance)

Just finished basing some of my ‘Alt-Modern’ Polish.20150806_130536Some close-ups.


The mighty PT-90 (or Scotia EET-1 masquerading as a Vickers Mk.7) with a H&R Vickers Mk.3 and Scotia Stormer-20 aifv in background.

20150806_130437Another view of a Stormer (might need to do some touching up!).20150806_130308More Vickers mk.3 – quite a cool looking model once painted and based.20150806_130314And lastly the terror inducing Ferret mk.2/6!!

(These are all just to test posting photo’s really, more and better to come soon I hope!)

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