After ages thinking about doing so, here’s my attempt at blogging about my Wargaming exploits, projects and musings! First off a bit about me I suppose.

I started Wargaming in the late 70’s when my dad finally allowed me to ‘play’ with him using his collection of Airfix ACW Union troops and with my obsession with history and all things military I was hooked. I did join a club in the mid-80’s which I enjoyed immensely but I had to stop attending when I started my Saturday job and then I got more interested in girls and going out than ‘playing with soldiers’. That is not to say that I stopped my interest in Military History and wargaming, I still read lots of books and dabbled in the odd board game here and there but no figures or models were bought from about 1985 until about 2 years ago! For the past couple of years I have started getting back into things, albeit very slowly as I have a health problem that has some impact on things both financial and practical, but I am getting more and more ‘involved’ all the time.

I am now a member of the South London Warlords and must say that attending the club every week has really helped me get back into things although it is dangerous for the old ‘ooh shiny’ problem us wargamers seem to suffer from! The name of the blog is due to my favourite periods – Cold War/WW2 and Napoleonics – tanks and uniforms being the attraction in both (it also alludes to my non-wargaming passions; music and clothes!).

So hello to anyone who pops along, I hope that you enjoy it.

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